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Comment: Driverless trains (Score 1) 84

by rbrome (#47588291) Attached to: Driverless Buses Ruled Out For London, For Now

...are already quite common. That's nothing new. Fully automated subway trains have been deployed all over the world. I recently rode one in Barcelona (the new L9/L10) and it was quite nice. That should be (relatively) uncontroversial. Busses navigate extremely complex environments. Subway trains navigate remarkably simple, controlled environments.

Comment: It's not the URL in the GET, it's URLs in the HTML (Score 2, Insightful) 379

by rbrome (#27364841) Attached to: Are Long URLs Wasting Bandwidth?

I hope this is obvious to most people here, but reading some comments, I'm not sure, so...

The issue is that a typical Facebook page has 150 links on it. If you can shorten *each* of those URLs in the HTML by 100 characters, that's almost 15KB you knocked off the size of that one page. Not huge, but add that up over a visit, and for each visit, and it really does add up.

I've been paying very close attention to URL length on all of my sites for years, for just this reason.

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