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Comment: Good luck. (Score 0) 165

by rbprbp (#45122337) Attached to: Brazil Announces Secure Email To Counter US Spying
Probably it will rely a lot on proprietary software/hardware (Brazil manufactures very little in the way of networking/communications equipment, and our government is addicted to proprietary software) with their own backdoors. Besides, our government spies on social movements, unions etc... so they are not innocent at all. Finally: given the deep shit that this government is into, it will likely run over schedule and budget and will eventually be scrapped.

Comment: So what's wrong? (Score 2) 268

by rbprbp (#43695189) Attached to: DRM In HTML5 — Better Than the Alternative?
"Deprived of the ability to use browser plugins, protected content distributors are not, in general, switching to unprotected media. Instead, they're switching away from the Web entirely. "
So what is wrong with this, exactly? If you want to distribute DRMed content, you are fully free to use your own means. Let the web stay DRM-free, as it should be.

Comment: Re: Compatible with Windows 7? (Score 1) 73

(Posting to undo mistaken mod) At least for me, in Windows 7 I didn't need any shell replacement (or much in the way of tweaking, really) unlike I needed in XP. In fact, whenever I use XP (I have some virtual machines for ancient software) I miss the Windows 7 interface.

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