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+ - The Apache Software Foundation now accepting BitCoin for donations->

Submitted by rbowen
rbowen (112459) writes "The Apache Software Foundation is the latest not-for-profit organization to accept bitcoin donations, as pointed out by a user on the Bitcoin subreddit.

The organization is well known for their catalog of open-source software, including the ubiquitous Apache web server, Hadoop, Tomcat, Cassandra, and about 150 other projects. Users in the community have been eager to support their efforts using digital currency for quite a while.

The Foundation accepts donations in many different forms: Amazon, PayPal, and they’ll even accept donated cars.

On their contribution page the Apache Software Foundation has published a bitcoin address and QR code. As of this afternoon, the address has already collected on the order of 4 BTC."

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+ - Subversion project migrates to Git->

Submitted by gitficionado
gitficionado (3600283) writes "The Apache Subversion project has begun migrating its source code from the ASF Subversion repo to git. Last week, the Subversion PMC (project management committee) voted to to migrate, and the migration has already begun.

Although there was strong opposition to the move from the older and more conservative SVN devs, and reportedly a lot of grumbling and ranting when the vote was tallied, a member of the PMC (who asked to remain anonymous) told the author that "this [migration] will finally let us get rid of the current broken design to a decentralized source control model [and we'll get] merge and rename done right after all this time.""

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+ - Raven Software releases Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy on SourceForge->

Submitted by rbowen
rbowen (112459) writes "In the wake of Disney's announcement that it is closing game design studio LucasArts, Raven Software has released the single player source code for the two Star Wars titles it developed for LucasArts, Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, according to Kotaku."
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+ - North Dakota Proposes Ban on Natural Gas Flaring after One Year->

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn (898314) writes "A North Dakota lawmaker has proposed a bill that would ban flaring at oil and natural gas sites after one year of that site's operation. ISS footage has revealed that now large swaths of North Dakota are illuminated at night due simply to flaring from Bakken oil and natural gas drilling. Democratic Sen. Tim Mathern, proposer of the bill, said "It’s bringing a higher quality of life to western North Dakota, it’s putting an end to waste (and) it’s addressing the issue of climate change" and "This is taking a, what I’d call, a step-wise approach in addressing health and waste." In 2011, waste from global flaring equivocated to a fourth of the United State's natural gas consumption. The major difference between this bill and current law is that no exemptions whatsoever will be made. Mathern claimed that 30 percent of natural gas is flared in western North Dakota compared to the national average which is in single digits."
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+ - Can You Do The Regular Expression Crossword? ->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "Programmers often say that regular expressions are fun ... but now they can be a whole lot of fun in a completely new way. Want to try your hand at a regular expression crossword?
The idea is simple enough — create a crossword style puzzle with regular expressions are the "clues". In case you don't know what a regular expression is — it is a way of specifying what characters are allowed using wild-card characters and more. For example a dot matches any single character, an * any number of characters and so on.
The regular expression crossword is more a sort of Sudoku style puzzle than crossword however because the clues determine the pattern the the entries in a row have to satisfy. It also has to use a hexagonal grid to provide three regular expressions to control each entry.
This particular regular expression crossword was part of this year's MIT Mystery Hunt, and if you don't know anything about it then good — because it could waste a lot of time. This annual event is crammed with a collection of very difficult problems and the regular expression crossword, created by Dan Gulotta from an idea by Palmer Mebane, was just a small part of the whole — and yes there is a solution.

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+ - Internet Success: A Study of Open-Source Software Commons->

Submitted by rbowen
rbowen (112459) writes "Based on a survey of SourceForge developers, this book discusses some of the factors that help Open Source communities succeed. Authors Charles Schweik and Bob English look at "social, technical, and institutional aspects of OSS" to try to answer the question of why some projects thrive while others are abandoned."
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Comment: Re:How about... (Score 1) 30

by rbowen (#40384999) Attached to: SourceForge Allura Submitted To the Apache Software Foundation Incubator

It makes sense to have the code stewarded outside of SourceForge, because it ensures that the development is completely open. We (SourceForge) value our projects' ability to own their own data, even if that means that they can move it somewhere else. By having Allura completely open, and even developed outside of SourceForge itself, we ensure that this right - the right to pack up and move - is 100% protected.

It also provides us access to innovation and ideas from outside of our own small organization, which, in turn, further benefits our projects.

Don't tell my corporate overlords, but I consider the health of these Open Source projects to be my highest goal when I go to work in the morning. I firmly believe that if those projects are more successful, then the company will be more successful. But it's the former, not the latter, that gets me to work every morning.

Taking Allura to the Apache Incubator is for the benefit of our projects. It gives us the opportunity to focus more sharply on the things that will make their developer experience better. And folks who haven't seen the new SourceForge, and are making their judgements based on old-style SourceForge projects that haven't upgraded, are selling everyone short.

Get hold of portable property. -- Charles Dickens, "Great Expectations"