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Comment Re:servers can get loud (Score 1) 380

You get used to the noise (it just becomes background white noise) after a while. I've got a 48port gb switch that was annoying for a few days but now I don't even notice it anymore. Of course, if you add a few professional grade servers to that after a while it will become hard to hear yourself think but you can get used to quite a lot.

Also.. maybe not so much re-purposed consumer grade desktop machines but server class machines tend to get louder/quieter depending on load due to the fans accommodating for power usage and heat generation so a lower user server will generate less noise overall than a high use machine.

Comment Re:Uh.. bandwidth? (Score 1) 380

I set up a minecraft server at home about a year ago for myself and my gf's son. The nice thing for me was that I could play in 1 perpetual world from both home and work. I wasn't really interested in hosting a server for the public but it was convenient for my purposes.

Comment Re:Best Buy lies to consumers (Score 1) 513

There will always be faulty cables (I've tossed many a patch cable that could have been fixed with a few minutes and a new rj45 connector) when dealing with digital cabling but you will never be able to convince me that that $80 monster HDMI cable is worth buying over the similar length (or longer) $10 cable from monoprice.com.

Comment Re:Kid Icarus (Score 1) 204

How about Target Earth that was for the Sega Genesis? I read a review on it in one of those gaming mags in the early 90's that gave it an 'Impossible' rating (the only one I'd ever seen). It took my roommate and I hours just to get through the first level (side scrolling shooter type game).

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