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Comment Re:Eat less than you burn (Score 1) 496

I've been on low carb diet for just under a year and lost 112lbs and haven't had to do anything else yet, just avoid sugars and carbs. Just get results from the lab and all the tests they took look fine, so the diet is fine that way too. I don't think there is anything that special about eating low carb, it just is fairly difficult to get too many calories per day without carbs.

Comment Re:The "false positives" thing really does matter (Score 2) 86

Think about pregnancy tests. If it shows positive, you most likely are. If it's negative, there's chance you might still be pregnant.

And your example is of a test that has false positives and false negatives.

The OP is right in that the 90% accuracy is not very useful until we know how common Alzheimer's is in the population taking the test

Good example of this was 99% accurate HIV test if it is applied to random sampling of all people. As HIV is so rare, if 100.000 people take the test, it will flag 1.000 as having HIV even when don't and correctly identify 10 real HIV cases and miss 1. (numbers pulled from memory and probably not accurate)

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