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Comment: Re:Irony? (Score 1) 139

by ray_mccrae (#37071674) Attached to: FTC Probes Android and Google Search

Yeah, except for the fact that Google isn't blocking other search or ad providers on Android phones. The Google hate runs so deep that people like you simply resort to spreading lies. So sad.

Whoo there, let's not get personal. I'm not making personal attacks against you, and I don't expect to be called a liar unless you can point out were I'm factually wrong, and even then that would make me wrong not a liar.

Google blocks others services by forcing it's partners to bundle it's services if they want access to the google app marketplace and other high value assets of android that are closed source and owned by google. Sure anyone can take the base code from the open handset alliance, but without access to google value items then that manufacture would be at a distinct disadvantage. This is right out of MS anti completive playbook, MS never forbid it's partners from using other OSes they just made sure that if they did then they'd lose all the pricing advantages, or in google's term access to the app market and other services to disadvantage them.

Comment: Re:distributing the private API key (Score 2) 262

by ray_mccrae (#36594556) Attached to: Facebook Blocks KDE Photo App, Deletes Users' Pics

I'm no license expert, but I don't think that's right. FOSS software can link to non-FOSS components just fine. For example the Firefox source code is is open source, but the icons and artwork in the official build are not openly available. The private API key could be externalised from the source code.

Comment: Re:Relevancy of Qt (Score 1) 329

by ray_mccrae (#35192050) Attached to: Nokia Gives Some Hints On the Future of Qt

While I agree QT will remain cross-platform. I do want to counter one point. You don't need to strip out all the cross-platform code to make the code base windows only. You only need to introduce windows only elements in to the source and then you've got the situation that will need a fork, one for the official windows build and other other non-official builds.

Comment: Re:Widescreen? Really? (Score 1) 429

by ray_mccrae (#35137804) Attached to: Motorola's XOOM Tablet To Cost $799; Wi-Fi Requires 3G Activation?

How exactly do you play 720p content on an XGA screen without scaling?

You already know the answer to the question. You can't without scaling, but you missed the point. Tablets are not all about video playback, Archos has made media tablets for quite some time now and they haven't set the world on fire. 4:3 is a good aspect for general computer usage. When I think of the iPad I'm thinking about a pad of paper, and while it works in any orientation I tend to hold it in portrait mode. 4:3 is close to the 1:SQRT(2) aspect of A4 paper. All the photos from Apple of the iPad also tend to display it in portrait mode so I think Apple had a bias in the way it sees what the iPad is. The iPad is not a video playback device, but a tablet computer that happens to do a decent job at video playback.

Compare that with the competitors and they are nearly always shown in landscape mode (I'm sure they work in portrait mode, but this is about bias). Video seems to be a primary focus, dock connectors are placed for landscape docking and HDMI ports are present.

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