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Comment: not art (Score 0) 132

by ray_field (#45812051) Attached to: The Strange Story Of the Sculpture On the Moon
Very few examples of form and function are this clear: as art, it's garbage, not in the least interesting in itself -- the word "generic" comes to mind -- and the motives and behavior of this creepy, untalented sculptor completely bear this out. As a memorial, it's touching and appropriate and a considerate gesture on Scott's behalf.

Comment: Re:Who likes Unity ? (Score 1) 306

by ray_field (#41330373) Attached to: Ubuntu NVIDIA Graphics Driver: Windows Competitive, But Only With KDE
Unity is not just tolerable, it's awesome. 1) the first iterations of it were disastrous. and I'm willing to wager that the disaffection of ALMOST EVERY SINGLE disenchanted power user is traceable to the fact that there was no simple gui (or even CLI-ish) way to create a launcher -- no matter how many times you right-clicked on the desktop, it weirdly just didn't seem possible. no more. 2) it really isn't that different from Gnome 2. if you want all yer proggies in nested menus, it takes about ten seconds to add to the panel. 3) if you have a netbook, it basically gives you about twenty percent more screen real estate. 4) HUD and lenses are really what make it great. & I seriously mean, great. basically these command-lines yer gooeys.

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