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Comment Other life in the universe is likely... (Score 1) 294

But the real question is how likely is it to happen during our time in this universe. The chances of it occuring are likely very high, but when it might happen or have already happened could be spans of billions of years. Then there's the question of whether we'd even be able to reach it or communicate with it, given the vast distances.

And as Calvin once said: "The surest sign of intelligent life in the universe is that it hasn't contacted us yet."

Comment Re:bad info (Score 1) 257

For me, a few of the emotional highlights of the film was seeing the hobbit's return to the shire (showing how much they had changed) and Sam and Rosie's wedding. The film would have been extremely disappointing without these scenes.

The Best Gaming PC Money Can Buy 417

SlappingOysters writes "Gameplayer has gone live with their best PC hardware configurations for Q3 2008. They've broken it into three tiers depending on the investor's budget. And while the prices are regional, it is comparative across the globe. 'In order to play these slices of gaming goodness, you're going to need a decent rig, and we sent our PC hardware guru in search of maximum frames in maximum detail, but at a minimum cost. We have three tiers for the three levels of PC gamers out there and all the detail you could possibly want on where, why and what to buy. So choose your poison and get amongst it.'"

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