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Comment: Re:Censorship = Bad; This = Good, maybe? (Score 1) 377

by ratbert6 (#26241837) Attached to: UK Culture Secretary Wants Website Ratings, Censorship

Horrible idea. The tools parents need already exist. I don't need anybody rating websites for me or my family and I certainly don't want to pay for this service for those who think they do need it. I have a better solution for them, take away their internet as they are obviously too stupid to safely deal with it on their own.


+ - Test toxic chemicals on a puppy->

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Jesse writes: "This is nothing new, companies have been testing their products on animals for years. But check out this site, they have an order form and everything. Want to order a beagle puppy online so that you can test your almost certainly poisonous chemical on it? Just order one here online and have it sent to your home. Along with mice, rabbits, and so forth."
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