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Comment Re:Only true for a small portion of the world (Score 1) 417

If you go there by foot or by bike, it means you cannot buy much.

While that's true it's not a big issue for me: I've got a back pack with two strong reusable bags to carry quite a lot. Usually I don't need them all. Fully loaded I've got to walk about 5 to 10 minutes back. If you have more there's always the option to use a shopping bag with wheels.

Therefore you need to go much more often and that you'll rarely buy any heavy goods.

Usually I go once a week. If you have heavy goods there's the option to use a car from the car sharing pool or a taxi.

Comment My new hobby: Getting hit by smartphone zombies (Score 1) 417

I've started to just stand still if someone is walking towards me texting or playing with his smartphone.

It's really fun to see them returning to real life, confused and usually apologizing. Once I was driving my bicycle on a shared side walk, noticed the last of a group of people is texting and won't see me, stopped by holding a wall. The guy then walked into my front wheel.

Comment Re:Can you use Android without the Goog? (Score 3, Informative) 337

I'm a happy owner of a Android phone running CyanogenMod with the FSF FreeDroid (F-Droid) Store. I didn't installed the Play Store on purpose. Sure I don't have access to 300k Apps, but most important Apps* are available and the Phone is working fine and reliable.

* That of course depends on your needs. For me its: Browser, Firefox, aCal calendar, OsmAnd Map application, shopping list, Jabber client, SIP client, GPS tracker, calculator, text editor, and a few games

Comment Re:Facebook (Score 1) 473

Have I had a police officer show up at my door with a search warrant because Facebook believes I'm a drug user? Nope.

Not yet

Have I been hit on by men because Facebook believes I'm homosexual? Nope.

Not yet

Have a group of republicans descended on me because Facebook believes I'm republican? Nope.

Not yet

Have I lost a job due to any of the above? Nope. Been denied a loan? Nope.

Who will ever know about this?

As the data is out there we can't be sure the data will never be used for this.

For example: As long as the marked demand is as high as now, Facebook will do anything to ensure nobody get access to the data (other than through the well defined interfaces). But what happens with the data when the marked has changed? Will the raw data be sold to the highest bidder? Or what if Facebook can't afford the same level of security anymore and some cracker stole the data?

Comment SMS Spam at 01:00 am (Score 1) 79

I've received this kind of SPAM already twice just after I fell into sleep. That's quite annoying. Beside the fact it woke me up, it usually drives me into rage that I couldn't sleep again afterwards for half an hour.

For example the last text I got was this:

Congrat! Your mobile number has WON £4,000,000 from the United Nation Grant. Email your name and cell number to ***@******.COM for claim "Keep Confidential*

In both cases the number was a random one from a foreign country. I'm now searching an app to stop the alarm if the number was a foreign one. Then the spammers find a way to send from local numbers... :-/

Comment Re:The real reason nuclear power is not taking off (Score 1) 217

Coal is no alternative to nuclear regarding the environment.

Why reply to my post with this ? I never suggested anything like that.

I just wanted to stress your message. Both nuclear and coal have their own huge set of problems. While with coal the coal plant operator didn't pay anything for the mess he creates, a nuclear power plant operator has to pay for the cleanup. But this is only half true: I'm sure they don't pay to keep the waste 100000 years save, nor paying for the environment impacts on uranium mines, nor for the mess around upgrading plants.

Comment Re:Reasonable (Score 1) 559

This is not the problem. Direct health issues are not the primary problem with GM. The main problem with GM is their influence to the normal plants and its impact to the bio diversity. If this leads to more expensive food due the dependency on seed producer this will cost many lives in poor countries. And this is only one scenario, others are: Due to monoculture a parasite develops a resistance. The genes jumps to unmodified plants where they get weaker. GM plants survives and extrude other plants.

Comment Re:Our economic evidence (Score 1) 559

I'm not against research in GM technology, but I'm very against releasing anything into the nature unless it has been ensured over a period of at least 50 years it won't affect the nature and the bio diversity.

What I'm strictly against are corporations playing with GM to improve their profit. Not because I'm envy them for their money, but for the sole reason that profit motivated modifications are a too big security risk.

If GM modification is only allowed by globally peer reviewed research and only with the intend to help the mankind and modified organisms has to be in quarantine for at least 50 years, then it's ok for me.

Looking at the labelling issue the market can only work as the marked fundamentalist theories explain when the customer is fully informed. Suppression this information is distorting the marked.

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