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Comment: Apple ][ (Score 1) 1613

by rapett0 (#37628434) Attached to: Steve Jobs Dead At 56

My first real computer experience was on an Apple ][ at my elementary school. Granted it took many other factors over a lifetime to lead me where I am today, but I have to give props to Steve Jobs (and the Woz) for help getting it (being career, educational choices, etc.) started.


Why the RIAA Doesn't Want Defendants Exonerated 199

Posted by Zonk
from the so-many-reasons-just-pick-one dept.
RageAgainsttheBears writes "The RIAA is beginning to find itself in an awkward position. A few of its many, many lawsuits don't manage to end in success for the organization. Typically, when they decide a case isn't worth pursuing (due to targeting the wrong person or not having sufficient evidence), they simply move to drop the case. Counterclaims are usually dropped in turn, and everyone goes separate ways. But recently, judges have been deciding to allow the RIAA to drop the case, but still allowing the defendant's counterclaim through. According to the Ars Technica article: 'If Judge Miles-LaGrange issues a ruling exonerating Tallie Stubbs of infringement, it would be a worrisome trend for the RIAA. The music industry has become accustomed to having its way with those it accuses of file-sharing, quietly dropping cases it believes it can't win. It looks as though the courts may be ready to stop the record labels from just walking away from litigation when it doesn't like the direction it is taking and give defendants justice by fully exonerating them of any wrongdoing.'"

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