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Comment: Re:We've been doing it for a long time (Score 1) 367

Two Words: Biosphere 2 Not the horrible movie Bio-Dome.I mean the Texas experiment in 1991. It was meant to be a fully self sustaining isolated environment. Everything started dying off quickly that led to the premature closure of the experiment. Until I can see something successfully ran like this I will not even consider the re-engineering experiment that are proposed.

Comment: Not sure how well it will work (Score 2) 106

ChromeCast isn't exactly setting the world on fire. I have one. But the apps for it are same as what I can get on XBox and tablet. I really only use it when I want watch stupid cat videos on our TV because her tablet is better then XBox's YouTube interface.

The only saving grace for this unit is the open nature that ChromeCast really doesn't have yet.

Comment: It didn't because... (Score 1) 183

by randomErr (#47937215) Attached to: Snowden's Leaks Didn't Help Terrorists
Most of the terrorist group fall into one of these categories:
  • Mega Groups - They already knew most of this information. They've built an underground network for communication that goes outside of what the most people are monitoring. They're also working with/buying off various governments for their intel.
  • Regular Groups - More then 50 people but not as complex. They know they're being watched and want to be martyrs for the cause. These are the cannon fodder of the mega groups. They do what the big boys tell them in hopes becoming something bigger or better
  • Small Groups - 50 or less people. These are the ones that can talk face to face and don't need the networks. These are the most dangerous because you never know what will set them off and usually think the other groups aren't radical enough.

Comment: Re:The idea of variant (var) (Score 2) 729

I realize that but its seems a waste. My point was that you should already know your data types. I like the readability of strongly typed code. You also make you compiler and debugger work extra. On small stuff no big deal. But on large projects those extra compiling seconds can become minutes easily. Also I've had a few cases where when I've done compares on C# compiled code the strongly typed program usually came out smaller.

Comment: The idea of variant (var) (Score 1) 729

I understand in some learning languages (Apple ][e flavor of Basic comes to mind) it can useful for beginners. But why have it languages like C#, VB,NET and even JavaScript? It would make everyone's life easier and most code run faster if you pushed your objects to strongly type variables.

Comment: Re:so electric cars (Score 1) 67

To manufacture electric cars you have to use materials that are more costly, harder to mine and toxic (lithium and mercury). So they create more pollution to. Also electric cars have to get there electricity from somewhere that's generating pollution as well. The sum gain of electric cars is about the same as regular cars. The pollution just comes in another form.

Comment: I don't think we need to immunize child so early (Score -1) 387

by randomErr (#47240507) Attached to: California Whooping Cough Cases "an Epidemic"
I think there's enough creditable evidence out there to suggest that young children under the age of 3 shouldn't have any immunization because thier systems aren't developed enough to deal with the shots. But by 3 they should be required to be immunized before attending and public school. Also I this there should be mandated boosters in public middle and highschool. You don't want to follow the rules then you don't get the free education.

Comment: Re: Bad marketing (Score 2) 127

by randomErr (#47193777) Attached to: Sony Overtakes Rival Nintendo In Console Sales
I think the root cause should be looked at why they have bad marketing. IMHO: the senior management staff is getting old an inflexible. Iwata can't even come to E3 because of health concerns. Nintendo as a whole is no longer flexible enough to meet market demands and users want. When have they release a good game where they truly innovate? It seems like all they want to do is farm out their game to child studio's and have them make just enough changes to sell s few copies. The Mario Kart is the perfect case. Its Nintendo's character riding around a track. From most early reviews its getting a mediocre review because there is nothing really ground breaking. If Nintendo really want to get serious then they need they really need to push the indy developer program again. They need to hire back the 10% of North America marketers they fired. Finally they need to come up with new marketing plan. Sega of America was in teh EXACT same place with the Genesis. What they did was work with SoJ and created a little game called Sonic the Hedge. Then they built a whole new marketing plan to get out of the old tired ways to the Genesis. Ha, to think Sega's history maybe what it takes to save Nintento>

Comment: Re:Behind the curve (Score -1) 1040

by randomErr (#47153425) Attached to: Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage
The issue isn't Walmart its the mom and pop's. Because they don't have the revenue to invest in mechanization and automated distribution they have much more labor. A 5% increase in the minimum wage could easily be 20% increase in costs. The net affect is reduced benefits and the possibility the business closing shop. Then Kmart, Walmart Meijers, Costcos moves in. My solution is that we reduce regulation so people can start new businesses easier and we cut the fat and useless programs in Washington and at home so we don't have to be taxed so much.

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