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Comment Re:Capitalism is killing them (Score 1) 182

"destroying your enemies with lawfare" Who are EPA's enemies? And can you please give specific examples of the EPA being used as an anti-business tool and show how the "extreme leftists" controlled it. Disband? How would that not cause environmental quality to revert?

Comment Re:Does anyone remember... (Score 1) 248

Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's not wrong or harmful.

Stacking the ISO committee to ram through OOXML was wrong and harmful, but legal. Breaking Java on Windows was wrong and harmful. The "embrace, extend, and extinguish" tactic used often as with Kerberos was wrong and harmful, but legal.

I think the term evil is misused here on slashdot and I wouldn't call Microsoft's acts evil. I would call it despicable. I would call it dishonorable. That anyone would think this is a good thing just makes me sad.

Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 1) 413

You're arguing a false premise, that choosing to eliminate our production of greenhouse gases is simultaneously a choice to ignore poverty in India. I don't consider myself a "selfish self-centered coastal living fuck", yet I am concerned about global warming. I'm also concerned about helping people in poverty and do contribute to that cause as well.

And you're obviously a global warming denier. Otherwise you would realize that while the Earth will go on, the threat of global warming is to our entire race. It's impossible to predict exactly what will happen, but as Musk and others have said, greenhouse gas emissions are "the dumbest experiment in history". Once you've realized the full effect, you can't exactly start the experiment over and do things differently next time. It won't matter that the poor people in India were able to improve their standard of living with cheap coal if that coal makes the planet inhabitable for humans.

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 1) 413

"Most likely at some point in the next 5, 10, 15 years the evidence will become obvious enough to overcome your ideological blinders"

No it won't because this is the same type of denial suffered by drug abusers and alcoholics. The proof couldn't be much stronger than it is.

Most people who deny that our pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is causing the Earth to warm, deny because they simply don't want to believe it and no amount of evidence will change their mind. Add to that the deliberate attempt to cast doubt on the issue by people and organizations (motivated by money and political ideology) and you can understand where we are at. This has happened before most notably with tobacco. Tobacco was known (by tobacco companies) to cause cancer in the 50's. Despite strong evidence and scientific consensus, it wasn't until the 90's that the general public realized smoking caused cancer. And many didn't believe it (and some still don't) because they simply don't want to.

The book "Merchant's of Doubt" contains incredibly thorough investigations into this phenomenon.

Comment Re:Could not agree more (Score 1) 413

We can't do much about China directly. What we CAN do is LEAD. We should do our best to fix problems at home and demonstrate a system China WILL WANT to replicate. They're pretty good at copying, you know. I agree that nukes should be on the table as modern designs look promising. Also to consider though is that solar and wind, with the advent of grid storage and falling prices, is considerably more cost effective than it was even a year ago.

Comment Maemo was Good (Score 4, Insightful) 200

I owned a N800 and N900. Maemo was good and would have allowed Nokia to maintain the control and distinctiveness they had with Symbian. With support for Android apps, it was a win-win. They needed united support for Maemo internally, but instead got Elop. Elop decided to throw out Maemo and Sybian and throw everything behind Windows Phone. The rest is history.

Going Android would have been a bad move also, because they would have no edge over the other Android players. Having their own OS with support for Android apps was a better solution.

Comment Re:One small step... [Re:How do you...] (Score 1) 299

You're referring to methane as part of the carbon cycle, but methane has it's own cycle (global methane cycle) that behave differently from CO2. Unlike CO2, methane is neutralized in the atmosphere by OH. I don't know what the state of methane's affect of warming is, just saying maybe it shouldn't be lumped in with CO2.

Comment Re:Smart (Score 2) 291

It's funny that emission credits are seen as a liberal construct, when they were originally developed as a market based solution by conservatives. In 1990, George H. W. Bush established a "cap and trade" system to combat acid rain. This was a market alternative to a "command and control" style solution. Yet today, you're a bleeding liberal to suggest such a thing.

The crux of the problem is that free markets don't address external costs. A simple example is over-fishing. In a free market, the oceans are fished until popular species are gone. If one actor decides to be conservative (literally conserve fish), another actor will continue overfishing and won't care when he's exhausted the species because his bank account is fat and it's someone else's problem. And no, privatizing the oceans is not a solution. A private owner can still do the same thing.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 291

"No vehicles have required DEF since 2008" Am I misunderstanding you? My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel requires DEF.

I'm generally pleased with it as it has 410 ft-lbs of torque, but gets a real 31 mpg on the highway and 26 mpg combined (above EPA estimates and better than the V6). I did have a DEF system error come and go though, so I am concerned about the reliability of the DEF system.

Comment Re:Oil companies will spend up big on Republicans (Score 1) 574

Solar power + grid storage will initially replace natural gas peaker plants and break into the base load production. Southern California Edison is probably the most visible and recent example. Grid storage enables more variable power sources like solar and wind to function on the grid, displacing natural gas peaker plants. Simultaneously, the same technology that enables grid storage, low cost batteries, is bringing the EV to the mass market within the next 2 years.

Solar is certainly a major part of this energy shift. The oil companies take a hit on two fronts. Within the next 20 years the major uses of oil will be reduced to heating and large/utility vehicles.

Comment Re:Sadly, gas is cheaper than electricity in CA (Score 1) 688

"The Tesla would take all day to charge." Why? Wouldn't you just need to recover the electricity you used getting to work? The only difference would be in efficiency. 2015 Ford C-Max Energi 88 mpge combined (source: fueleconomy.gov) 2015 Tesla Model S AWD 93 mpge combined (source: fuelecony.gov). As it turns out, the "lumbering overpowered" (no bias detected) Tesla might be even more efficient that the C-Max.

Comment Re:Price is a second order function (Score 1) 292

Tesla Supercharging stations.

Not good enough nor plentiful enough nor convenient enough nor standard enough. They take 45 minutes to get an 80% charge and over an hour to get a full charge. Plus they're not much use if you don't have a Tesla. They're a good effort in the right direction but not good enough by a long shot yet.

Apples and Oranges.

Do you run your gas car to 0 before filling up? I usually fill up at about 1/4 tank.

Why fill to 100%? I think that's rarely needed. You only do this with gas because you can't fill up at home. Say you've got 100 miles until you're home (or next stop). Get to 150-170 miles (15-20 minute charge max) and be on your way. And MOST OF THE TIME you're leaving and returning from your house so you never need to fill up at a station.

What percentage of the time are you driving > 200 miles in a day? Those few times are the only ones a "filling station" matters at all, and DC quick charging is a pretty good solution and getting better.

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