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Comment: Re:Quality Journalimism (Score 1) 397

by randallman (#48918141) Attached to: "Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms

I tuned into "Rush" today for some entertainment. According to El Rushmo, the NWS is full of liberals who love crisis and government control - and so the "overreaching" forecasts were just for their pleasure.

As for the crisis part, I could only think of Fox News with its constant "ALERT" banners. Compared to the "liberal" NPR, which helps me go to sleep.

Comment: Re:Come on, Elon, quit fooling around. (Score 5, Insightful) 283

by randallman (#48111929) Attached to: Tesla Announces Dual Motors, 'Autopilot' For the Model S

How do you think the model 3 development is funded? This IS the business model. Make expensive cars to raise money for the development of (lower margin) affordable cars. Also, this doesn't inhibit the model 3's development. It's not like they have to do one thing at a time.

Comment: Re:Same reason blu-ray didn't take off (Score 1) 204

by randallman (#47836993) Attached to: Dell Demos 5K Display

"The real question is, where are you going to get 4k sources from..."

I'd like it for my home video. I've been taking 1080p @ 60 fps for 3 years and it's definitely worth the extra required space. The extra framerate makes it much more realistic. I noticed when shopping for a new video camera there are quite a few that shoot 4K.

Comment: Re:flywheel (Score 1) 245

by randallman (#47807539) Attached to: Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed

While the cost of pumped storage is not going to change, battery costs can and likely will come down. One example would cost about $30,000 per MWh, 1/6 or less of current tech. That's $30 million per GWh, almost 10 times cheaper than pumped storage.

I know battery breakthrough stories are a dime a dozen, but progress in this area is quite likely since you don't have the power density constraint of small devices. The primary driver is material cost, not power density. The amount of energy stored is arbitrary as these batteries consist of components which can be individually adjusted (e.g. use larger tanks for liquids).

Comment: Lean Muscle Mass (Score 1) 588

by randallman (#47807135) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

The low(er) carbohydrate group had more muscle, which translates into a higher metabolism. They also, by nature of the diet, avoided highly processed foods.

The high-fat group followed something of a modified Atkins diet. They were told to eat mostly protein and fat, and to choose foods with primarily unsaturated fats, like fish, olive oil and nuts. But they were allowed to eat foods higher in saturated fat as well, including cheese and red meat.

The low-fat group included more grains, cereals and starches in their diet. They reduced their total fat intake to less than 30 percent of their daily calories, which is in line with the federal governmentÃ(TM)s dietary guidelines.

The low carbohydrate group ate more protein, which is essential to maintaining muscle. Also, knocking out "cereals and starches" probably knocked out highly processed grains and sugars. I think it's not so much what they're eating but what they're NOT eating: highly processed CRAP.

Lookup Clarence Bass. The guy looks GREAT at 75 and has maintained (and written about) a moderate diet and exercise plan since 40. I'm nearly 40. I love being active. I've competed in many sports including soccer, football, track and bodybuilding. I still have a good metabolism, good muscle mass and low body fat. Through variations of my diet I've found that a moderate diet including unprocessed or minimally-processed and uncooked foods is the best diet for me. Whole milk, nuts, avocados, fruits, brown rice, beans, salmon, lean beef or turkey, steamed broccoli, etc. A low carbohydrate diet makes me weak. I can't muster the explosive energy for an intense exercise session while carbohydrate depleted. When in ketosis (completely carb depleted), my breath smells like alcohol, my joints ache, I'm irritable and generally feel like crap. Maybe I'm different. My favorite pre-workout meal is a bowl of rice about an hour before. Carbs are fine. Just not the super-processed stuff.

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson