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Comment: Re:It begins with the end of cheap petroleum. (Score 1) 409 409

I don't believe for one second that human race as a whole will die out.
Peak "insert your favorite resource" will reduce human population drastically. As will other global problems. But what we will have left is something closer to a preindustrial population. Not extinction. There were scattered Mayans still left after their population crashed. As well as people on Easter island.

Even an apocalyptic war will lose it's appeal when 90% of the population has died.
And even if a nuclear war is fought I believe humans are adaptable enough to survive a nuclear winter. You only need a thousand or so humans to survive a nuclear winter.

Comment: Re:Still Humans? (Score 0) 409 409

Only if majority holds that view for a long time.

It was considered a reality for a long time that the earth was flat. Anything else was lunacy or heresy.
It was and to some still is a reality that there is/are benevolent/malevolent all seeing, all hearing, all knowing god/gods.

There is no objective reality. Only limited subjective views of an uncertain, undefinable, unknowable, unimaginably complex reality.

Gödel's incompleteness theorem is a bitch.

Comment: Re:Two contradictory theories... (Score 1) 883 883

That is just not true.
New renewable energy power plants are on par with coal energy. With coal becoming more expensive in the future. Easily extractable and good quality coal is being used up fast.
It is true that that existing power generation is cheaper with coal. But building new power plants is not.

The Register: Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning->

Man tipped to replace Jacqui calls 'abject nonsense' on Stella

Tony McNulty, the combative employment minister tipped to replace Jacqui Smith as Home Secretary, has branded a high profile warning by a former MI5 chief that the government risks creating a police state as "abject nonsense".

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Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.