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Comment: Re:Not as silly as people seem to think (Score 0) 406

by rajeshgautam (#37313026) Attached to: 'Cosmo' — a C#-Based Operating System
C# is easier to program and easier to maintain. As a result more people will be able to use/modify/extend it with lesser amount of effort. C being more efficient holds no ground as optimizing use of processing/memory capacity is no-more the prime objective of majority of software. OS/Kernel programming and tweaking has been considered as black magic by regular programmers with very few and expert programmers getting into it. With some many devices available now, it will benefit all if we have more people who can utilize them from ground up.

Comment: what value is the gel adding? (Score 1) 31

by rajeshgautam (#37065540) Attached to: Portable, Super-high-resolution 3-D Imaging
What the metal coated gel does is that it temporarily paints the 3D surface with metal.. Which is then photographed by camera from different angles. The 3D contours could anyway be photographed from different angles without the temporary metal paint that the proposed gel adds. And the multiple photographs could be combined to generate a 3D version. Is it some special kind of metal, that supports/enhances 3D imaging? Are the cameras special that work only with metal. Independently, we also loose the color by using this temporary paint method. Any ideas?

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