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Comment Re:Slashcott! (Score 1) 108 108

>> I will work to create a new community where things can be run with quality user discussions as the paramount objective.

and before long, you will be cashing out too... CmdrTaco did.

oooh the $weet money.

change is the only constant, as someone once said. Dice saw the high-flying twitters and facebooks, and said; hey, how to increase slashdot users, to make more money? how? how? howwww?

all this, is only natural.

Comment Re:Success = happiness? (Score 1) 397 397

>> Would you rather be successful and miserable, or a happy failure?

if a country in general full of happy-failures, that country is dependent of others, that culture will be wiped, will not be able to protect itself from nearby predator countries.

Comment Re:Crazy! (Score 1) 397 397

>>First generation immigrants are generally more motivated and productive compared to those farmed locally

Because, immigrants are selection of people, they are not average people. it takes guts, determination, drive, and other above-average human attributes to move into an overseas country, into another culture.

immigrants in general are above-average people, their children are on the other hand, are average.

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