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Comment Re:Better Question (Score 1) 480

Not just car sales, car manufacturing is being disrupted as we speak. Elon Musk is going to do long term damage to the car companies that refuse to move into the future. He's already hurt the sales of the high end automobile and hurt these manufacturers. The rapid fire attempts to build electric cars by the luxury brands are the signs of the damage he's doing.

These companies don't publish sales numbers but I'm willing to bet he's taken at least 1/4 of their business by how quickly they are trying to respond to a market they all said was pointless two years ago. In fact I can remember statements by Porsche a couple years ago that the electric car is a joke, bet it's not funny anymore!

Comment Re:Less service? (Score 5, Informative) 480

Every car I've ever owned has had more than $4k in maintenance costs by the time it's 10 years old. The water pump, the timing belt, flushing the transmission, flushing the radiator, etc... amount to a pretty penny. But the oil changes alone are going to net you more than $1000 in that timeframe. You get one major part going out on a combustion car that requires the engine to be disassembled and you'll drop $1k before they even know what's wrong. Yea if you do all your own maintenance you can save money on stuff but mechanical engines break down over time.

And from what I've seen of battery replacement information the only batteries failing at 8-10 years are the NiMH batteries in the Prius. The lithium-ion in the more advanced vehicles have not exhibited the same failure rate and currently have a very poorly understood failure rate because not many have failed.

Comment Re:Better Question (Score 2) 480

Dealers are very well entrenched at the local political level. Most dealers are some of the richest and most connected people in their local markets. Many states have laws written around dealers and basically granting them monopolies over car sales.

As Tesla has discovered in Texas, getting these laws removed from the books is near impossible because of how well connected dealers are.

Comment Re:Was he arrested by the school or the county? (Score 1) 815

Whether he was charged or not isn't particularly relevant. People are arrested all the time and not charged. In fact people are arrested all the time and beat up by the police and not charged.

People rarely win when suing the cops for arresting them. His lawyers need to prove there was discrimination and all the school and police need to prove is there was legitimate suspicion.

Comment Re:Bad choice (Score 2, Informative) 156

The population voted overwhelming to leave. You can claim the elections were fabricated but not the followup independent polls that showed better than 92% in favor of joining Russia.

They should have the right of self determination. On the other hand Ukraine should be under no obligation to supply Crimea with water, power sewer or any other service for which the people of Ukraine pay for. If I was the Ukrainian leader I would have cut the utilities ages ago without a significant and expensive payment from Russia to maintain them.

Comment Re:NYC taxi system could DESTROY uber (Score 1) 210

The government is under no obligation to provide a return on investment on ANY item. You bought that medallion as an investment, if your investment doesn't perform because the regulatory climate changes that is the risks you take when you invest money.

This would be no different than bailing out private investor who lost money in a stock purchase and it's equally absurd.

Comment Re:what good will this do ? (Score 1) 320

ISIS comes in two groups. Former Iraqi army officers and foreign fighters. There are occasional local supporters but they are vastly outnumbered by the prior two groups. Every single one of those foreign fighters was recruited through their external public affairs operation which runs entirely on social media sites.

If twitter wasn't a big deal to them they wouldn't have threatened to kill the twitter executives when they banned a thousand of their accounts earlier this year.

Comment Re:They were in the wrong market sector (Score 1) 161

Yea the Pinto that miraculously explodes when hit from the rear and the trunk is full of explosives.

In all seriousness the car did have a significant design flaw, a flaw that exists in a lot of cars because it's actually pretty hard to protect a tank of fluid that is more explosive than dynamite.

Comment Re:Time to short Manganese ? (Score 1) 129

I remember it too, and read the national geographic expose on the both the fake story and the real one.

The thing is, it was a great cover story because it was possible. The only reason it didn't really happen was the cost to extract wasn't worth it. Drones change that, it might be possible to pull all those minerals off the bottom if we have drones, the cost thing that killed the original was all the manpower and special submarines that would be needed.

If you have drones doing the mining and only need surface ships to sort and pull the minerals to port your manpower costs are significantly lower.

Comment Re:what good will this do ? (Score 4, Insightful) 320

Their entire PR and recruiting operation works on twitter, facebook and other social network properties. You don't actually think they are calling people do you? Sure they have facilitators on the outside spreading their message but 99% of their propaganda goes out via social networking and based on the people they've caught trying to join daesh they are their primary recruiting tools as well.

What do you think they are holding job fairs or some such nonsense? Their only way to communicate with people is through social media.

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