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Comment Re:There is no voter fraud! (Score 1) 271

The poor and elderly often don't have drivers license and the only place you can get these "free" ID's is often hundreds of miles away and only open during business hours. If I took your car away and told you the only way you could vote was to take a day off work, spend 4 hours and $6 on a bus each direction while giving up a days pay while living paycheck to paycheck would you do it?

What if you didn't have a car, were elderly, of ill health and living on social security and having to skip a meals several times a month to survive?

I simply can't believe you are this ignorant of what it's like to be the working poor. Either you are a child or just an ass.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 1) 271

The tapes have no voter names on them. You're a moron that doesn't know what they are talking about.

Think about it, if there was a way to tie the vote to the voter with any of this information the government would know what every single person voted for and would breach the very idea of an anonymous vote. The names and connection to actual voters is never recorded for this very reason. It's impossible to tie a person to the ballot they cast.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 1) 271

Secret ballots aren't just to protect from the government knowing. They are to protect from anyone knowing. Knowing who votes for who would allow for vote buying, intimidation and all sorts of very negative election behavior. None of which are trivial.

You can't have free elections period if anyone knows who voted for who. A strictly anonymous vote is the only way for democracy to work.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 3, Informative) 271

The summarized electronic information is available, not the backup paper tape that records the actual vote and IS the backup for checking the electronic records. The whole purpose of the paper tapes is so fraud can be checked and elections verified. Electronic aggregate records can be tampered with, the only way to alter the paper tapes is to screw with the voting machines before the vote so vote A = B. I check my tapes when I vote to ensure it's recorded correctly and my state encourages voters to do the same. The tape is the official vote record in my state and I'm sure it's the same in Kansas.

What that means is they gave her the unofficial count, not the official records.

Comment Re:What else would the FBI (Score 2) 84

Of all the Patriot act increased surveillence practices made legal after 9/11, the FBI to my knowledge has not used a single one against a suspected terrorist, yet you will find reams of evidence of use of these tactics in drug investigations.

The war on drugs has perverted law enforcement, now all time and money is spent on the crimes (drug crime) that pays the officers themselves.

Comment Re:I just got bored of the bloody thing (Score 1) 194

So a written medium that relies on imagination translated to the moving image should forgo the very substance of the book because you can't imagine it like you did in the book? Are you serious?

If you want to imagine the book you read it. If you want to see a representation of one persons interpretation of the book you watch the movie/tv show. There are a lot of people that would argue that by sticking to the actual plot of the books instead of changing it, the directors and producers of GOT are doing the right thing.

Comment No medical evidence... (Score 1) 586

There is no scientific medical evidence that such a condition exists and their claims should be tossed until such a time that such a sensativity can be proven to exist. They should be encouraged to move to Alaska and homestead like all the other idiots that think they have this "disease".

Comment Re:Storage (Score 1) 312

The greatest fear of the power industry isn't solar displacing residential revenue. It's solar wiping out demand and peak power pricing on the commercial/industrial side. Solar output aligns relatively well with commercial/industrial power use. The demand and rate charges that this demand causes generate mega dollars for the power company. Solar could chop that off and make the peak power price at night, this would decimate power company profits.

This is what the power companies fear, a world where solar makes commercial power cheap.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 312

The answer is an affirmative no, and the evidence is a look at the installation rate when the subsidy was allowed to expire a few years ago. The industry has made major strides over the last subsidy run. I completely support an extension and sun setting of the subsidies. They shouldn't be cut off immediately but they should end as the market is now producing power at rates cheaper than coal. The subsidies should be extended for 5 years with a gradual reduction in subsidy every year of that 5 years to taper off the support.

Comment Re:Wind energy is such shit (Score 1) 312

Residential turbines are crap. Solar far outclasses them, but this is not true with commercial wind turbines. You get a modern 90m high turbine or the new recommended standard 140m high turbine and you generate serious power in a very small foot print. Solar can't come anywhere near that energy density, the trick is tapping those strong winds because the power output is a function of wind speed, turbine height and blade length. The small residential turbines they sell excel at none of those strengths and as a result are essentially worthless unless you could get it for free.

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