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PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PlayStation 3 under siege (

rafusmx writes: I just got home, and turned on my computer to find on the news that the guy who cracked the iPhone was able to hack onto the PS3 console.

"He admitted that he had not managed to hack the whole system, including the protected memory, but had worked out ways to trick the console into doing what he wanted. Mr Hotz said that he was continuing to work on the hack and, once finished, would publish details online in a similar way to his previous iPhone exploits."

Comment Don't take mexican politics lightly... (Score 1) 325

Oh boy! You think that ancient painting is far away of any kind of copyright protection? Think twice... Unfortunately this is Mexico you're talking about. Just as reference. Mexico could be one of the most powerful countries in the world if we knew what happens with the resources XP... (Just take a look on the payroll of politics and government offices). National corruption is just a hobby around here; a nice challenge for the first quarter of this year could be to blackmail an international company...and why not Starbucks? I fell shame and sadness looking news like this...

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