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Comment: Re:Free advertising for the Pirate party. (Score 1) 330

by raffnix (#28923907) Attached to: Even More Restriction For German Internet

Apparently, some people in the German government haven't realized yet that the Pirate party has made it on the ballots in some places, and that the next election is less than two months away.

Good that the pirate party has already a member in the parliament.. sure he'll have plenty of TV time to comment on this in the next days.

Comment: Re:Start a petition to make linking legal again (Score 1) 1870

by raffnix (#27610735) Attached to: Pirate Bay Trial Ends In Jail Sentences

"There are two ways of submitting a petition:
* by post
* via the online form

Your petition may include attachments, including copies of any supporting documents you may have. The petition should be sent to: European Parliament, The President of the European Parliament, Rue Wiertz, B-1047 BRUSSELS"

Maybe I could just link to those documents?

Comment: Re:Security and Radioactivity (Score 1) 432

by raffnix (#27568203) Attached to: Better Living Through Nukes?

AFAIK that's the only one on Earth where they actually let you see the reactor and the 70's style control room. It's kind of fun to see Soviet technology still working as intended.

In fact, you can book guided tours to the Chernobyl plant. I haven't been there myself but supposedly they show you the reactor.. or what is left of it and not covered by concrete.


+ - German court: voting machines not constitutional

Submitted by raffnix
raffnix (1472681) writes "Voting booths in Germany can no longer be equipped with electronic "vote computers", the Constitutional German Court ruled Tuesday. At this year's general election due in September, voters can expect to use pen and paper, after the Karlsruhe-based court ruled that the machines contradict the public nature of elections. The terminals, which electronically register a voter's choice, have been used in German elections for 10 years, including the 2005 general election when 2 million people voted by button. Voters should not need to be computer literate to register their choice, the judges ruled. They also criticized the fact that the machines didn't let voters check what choice they had made. For this reason it was difficult to detect programming errors or deliberate manipulation of the machines."
The Military

+ - Nuclear subs 'collide in ocean'->

Submitted by
Jantastic writes "BBC reports: A Royal Navy nuclear submarine was involved in a collision with a French nuclear sub in the middle of the Atlantic. It is understood HMS Vanguard and Le Triomphant were badly damaged in the crash earlier this month. Despite being equipped with sonar, it seems neither vessel spotted the other, the BBC's Caroline Wyatt said."
Link to Original Source

Earth May Harbor a Shadow Biosphere of Alien Life 267

Posted by kdawson
from the but-not-as-we-know-it dept.
An anonymous reader sends us to Cosmos Magazine for a speculative article arguing that a 'shadow biosphere' may exist on Earth, unrelated to life as we know it. If such non-carbon-based life were found here at home, it would alter the odds for how common life is elsewhere in the universe, astrobiologists say. "The tools and experiments researchers use to look for new forms of life — such as those on missions to Mars — would not detect biochemistries different from our own, making it easy for scientists to miss alien life, even if [it] was under their noses. ... Scientists are looking in places where life isn't expected — for example, in areas of extreme heat, cold, salt, radiation, dryness, or contaminated streams and rivers. [One researcher] is particularly interested in places that are heavily contaminated with arsenic, which, he suggests, might support forms of life that use arsenic the way life as we know it uses phosphorus."

+ - SPAM: Honesty Is All We Want Of You!

Submitted by
gagankumar writes "US banks have refused to provide the details of how they are spending the bailout money being given by the government. JP Morgan received a $25 billion federal aid but has refused to divulge their spending details. Other banks are also following their footsteps."
Link to Original Source

+ - SPAM: Ford's Herculean Strength

Submitted by
corporatefinance writes "The Ford Motor Company is the only Detroit automaker that has not asked for government aid. Inspite of losing $14.6 billion last year, the company is still holding fort. It prefers liquidity to fund its running rather than begging before the government. This, despite having $24 billion in cash on hand but $25.8 billion in debt at the end of 2008!"
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:25 things was extremely wide-spread. (Score 1) 219

by raffnix (#26826699) Attached to: A Quantitative Study of How Memes Spread

A nice demonstration for the Small World hypothesis.

Maybe you just have friends who click on all the "your friend XXX has just added the YYY application, if you want to see how your ZZZ compares to his, click here". To see anything similar to a "small world" you would need a small diameter, yet a large clustering coefficient. Something like "Mark Zuckerberg is a friend of my friend's friend" and 80% of my friends are friends as well.


+ - Google buys paper mill

Submitted by raffnix
raffnix (1472681) writes "Today, Finland-based paper group Stora Enso has announced that Google is buying the buildings and most of the Summa Mill site, where production of paper was ceased last month in January 2008, for approximately 40 million euros ($51.7 million) (full story here). Obviously the space is most likely going to serve as a data center, which has now also been confirmed by Reuters ."

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