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Comment: Re:Hard to get excited. (Score 1) 129

by radish (#47460099) Attached to: Mozilla Doubles Down on JPEG Encoding with mozjpeg 2.0

Don't forget storage. Bandwidth is one thing, but image storage is a big deal for sites like FB. They often store multiple copies of each one (e.g. at different sizes) and then you also have copies cached on CDNs etc, which also costs money. 5% isn't going to make or break the company, but it's worth investigating.

Comment: Re:The poster is showing his prejudice. (Score 2, Informative) 240

by radish (#47150087) Attached to: The Coming IT Nightmare of Unpatchable Systems

Door opening: See above re: neighbor or friend, or hide a key somewhere.

A truly special reply suggesting mitigating a theoretical, limited, network security vulnerability by quite literally leaving the physical keys to the castle out in public. Please hand in your risk assessment credentials at the door.

Comment: Re:Nobody actually gets 1 Gbps (Score 1) 224

by radish (#46828291) Attached to: How much use would you get from a 1 gigabit internet connection?

I get over 100mbps on FIOS right now. I've frequently maxed out my 150mbps connection pulling from a single server (well, single URL), particularly if I use a download manager which opens a few connections. It's true you don't usually see those traffic levels in normal browsing but for large file downloads it's not hard.

Comment: Re:Freedom of political activism (Score 4, Insightful) 1746

by radish (#46652919) Attached to: Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

He wasn't fired, he chose to resign as it was in the best interests of Mozilla. As CEO he was the figurehead of the company, and he simply cannot distinguish his private beliefs from those of the company in the same way as a rank-and-file employee can. No one cared that he worked at Mozilla - they cared that he _led_ Mozilla.

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by radish (#46652705) Attached to: Amazon's Fire TV: Is It Worth Game Developers' Time?

Seriously, how much value does this device have without access to video streaming via Amazon Prime?

Pretty much the same values as a Roku - you can use it to stream Netflix etc. I really don't understand your point - yes this device is more integrated into the Amazon ecosystem, but it does do the same basic things that most other similar devices do.

Comment: Re:Still worth it (Score 2) 276

by radish (#46478717) Attached to: Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

Then again, ordering something on amazon every 2-3 days already seems borderline compulsive behaviour to me too.

How often do you go to a physical store? More than twice a week? Now multiply that to cover a whole family.

I personally go to a physical store for non food items maybe once a month. My wife goes maybe once a week as she gets stuff for the house/kid which isn't easy to get online.

And I mentioned this in another reply - but a big part of it is not having to think. Let's say I make 100 orders in a year. That's $1 per order for shipping. Now, you're right, I could probably get some of those free. And there are other's I'd pay say $8 for 2 day. And yet others I'd pay $15 for overnight. You know what? If it takes even 1 minute per order to figure out which is which $100 a year is CHEAP - my time is worth a lot more than that.

Comment: Re:Still worth it (Score 1) 276

by radish (#46478663) Attached to: Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

Because we're not all as organized as you? :)

In fact we do that, the subscribe & save system amazon have allows us to setup recurring deliveries of the stuff we predictably need (baby supplies, cosmetics, etc). But other than groceries we buy pretty much everything online, and most of that from amazon. Not having to think about delivery times or prices is what allows us to do that. Having to worry about whether it would be delivered in time, or whether spending $10 to ship a $10 widget is worth it is a waste of mental energy I just don't need.

Comment: Re:Still worth it (Score 1) 276

by radish (#46478203) Attached to: Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

You're completely ignoring speed. My family buy tons of stuff from Amazon (typically 2-3 orders per week, sometimes more) and so of course we could cancel prime and get free shipping pretty easily. But waiting a week+ for delivery? Not interested. Which means we'd be spending $5-10 per order for 2-day, which would pay for prime in maybe a month.

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