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+ - Freedom of the Press Lives On!->

Submitted by rabble
rabble (22388) writes "Frederick County, Maryland Councilman Kirby Delauter evidently did not care much for the recent coverage of his parking privileges by the Frederick News-Post. So he threatened to sue. The result? One of the most entertaining editorials that I have had the pleasure to read!"
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Comment: Re:Battery life (Score 1) 131

by rabble (#29611303) Attached to: A Mobile Phone Mesh That Can Survive Carrier Network Failure

Answer: Those who are plugged into a power outlet and can charge (or get some sort of credit) for the service.

Most of the MANET routing stacks provide for optional routing anyway. So, if you don't want to forward for someone else, don't.

There has been a lot of work done on MANETS. Just search almost anywhere for "mobile ad hoc networking". Wikipedia has a short article that looks like a good starting place for a beginner.


+ - What NASA won't tell you about air safety. 6

Submitted by rabble
rabble (22388) writes "According to a report out of Washington, DC's WTOP, NASA wants to avoid telling you about how unsafe you are when you fly. According to the article, when an $8.5M safety study of about 24,000 pilots indicated an alarming number of near collisions and runway incidents, NASA refused to release the results. The article quotes one congressman as saying "There is a faint odor about it all." A friend of mine who is a general aviation pilot responded to the article by saying "It's scary but no surprise to those of us who fly.""

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