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Comment: You can take your laptop with you (Score 3, Informative) 1095

by ra1stlin (#30211868) Attached to: Geek Travel To London From the US — Tips?

As far as I know the channels that change between regions in Wireless cards are the extremes, so you don’t have to have problems to connect to the majority of wireless Access points without changing anything.

For electricity voltage you have a change to take into account, in the USA electricity is 110-120 volts 60Hz, in Europe it is 220 volts 50Hz, so you will need a charger that supports dual voltage or one specific for European electricity.

My advice, take your laptop with you if you plan to connect to internet every day, it is practically sure the hotel you stay on will have Wireless for clients, or at least you can find hotspots all over London.

Things to do in London (tourist mode ON)

  • Watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
  • Go to South Bank, here you can see the London Eye, Tate Modern, The Globe Theatre
  • Visit some street markets. The most popular are Camden Market and Portobello Market, following closely by Greenwich Market.
  • Visit Westminster Abbey
  • Visit the Tower of London
  • Visit St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Visit the Tate modern and the National Galleries
  • Visit the British Museum and the Natural History Museum

NOTES for tourists:

In England the cars travel in the left lane, remember this when you cross a street

In England the subway arrives from right to left, not form left to right.

The average temperature on December is 4C (39F) so Wrap up warm

London is a city with a lot of places to go, so take your time to search de web and find the ones that are interesting for you.

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