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Comment Re:Excellent (Score 2) 150

I don't care who's dick you suck as long as it is not mine.

Ah, and here we have it, the petty reason why you are bandying about a lot of rhetoric like perverted and unnatural. Don't flatter yourself pal, just because you happen to have a penis, doesn't mean homosexual men are lusting after you. With about 3.5 billion men in the world, chances are that you aren't that overwhelmingly attractive. Even if you were God's sexual gift to Earth, I have been with my man in a committed relationship for thirteen years now, so your penis doesn't even come in the picture.

Comment Re: No it is not (Score 1) 351

*** You guys are missing the point. ***

Are we? What you describe is going into a venue in zombie mode and just do the first thing that pops up in your head. Yeah, one can live that way and always feel fulfilled with the "knowledge" that you "got what you wanted", while spending an unnecessary fortune on overpriced products and services.

While I do use ad-blockers and don't watch to much television these days, I still see and hear ads. They are sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying and most of the time completely forgetable. I haven't found myself with a bag of groceries yet where the thing was overflowing with brandname products.

When I go shopping I think in product categories. What kinds of products do I need? Who sells that the cheapest, with acceptable quality? With every item I get that is not on the shopping list I stop and force myself to think, do I really need what I just fetched off the shelf? Most of the time it is not a top brand item, but I'll put it back all the same if it doesn't make sense to purchase. (But yeah, this is a little spur of the moment influencing by placement and packaging...)

Bigger purchases I might also think about what was advertised, but I always research the range of products and I purchase that which has good reviews online and has the most bang for the buck. If I was influenced by mass advertising, my tv would have been a Samsung (as that is being spammed in The Netherlands). My current TV is an LG, not because it was an LG, but because it had the right specs and the right price.

Comment Re:The Anti-Stallman Brigade rears its head again (Score 4, Informative) 75

The dual licensing of Qt came after the creation of the Gnome DE. Before that the Qt license was "free" (no licensing fees) for non-commercial use, but not FOSS and that was the point of contention.

Stallman is OK with dual licensing, as it is up to the licensee to go with the closed license. The FOSS licensed variant makes sure that one can choose which.

Comment Re:What about one that said... (Score 1) 165

*** Overall mandatory participation systems are a better way ***

Assuming the "voters" can be arsed to look up the politicians and the election programs, instead of just resentfully hauling their carcasses into a voting booth and crossing one of the pretty check boxes or just ticking the mark at the party that the family has alway voted for.

Politics and elections are like Russian salad. Voting determines the ratios of the constituent ingredients/parties, but at the end of the day you get the same old Russian salad.

Comment Re:I have a solution - H1B (Score 1) 110

A lack of tech knowledge is therefore pretty unforgivable

Have you ever seen a CEO (or other executive) do something themselves that isn't a braindead easy and canned procedure on a computer? Any time it requires a modicum of application knowledge and a smidge of creativity, they come running to their underlings to delegate the task.

This is also typical:

[T]he survey of 436 global business leaders finds that only 23% are confident their organizations have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the digital aspects of their business.

The organisation as a whole probably has enough knowledge present to adequately cope with digital demands, but this knowledge is never tapped, because most of it isn't formalised in a certificate or diploma, so it doesn't officially exist. Therefore the employees are digital peasants and the company is doomed.

Comment Re:You got it all backwards ... (Score 1) 302

You forget one thing. If copyright protection is dead, then it doesn't matter if you only distribute binaries.

Take as much visible source as you like. Put it in binaries with your own "secret" sauce. People who want human readable source will decompile your binaries (even obfuscated ones) and extract any valuable bits you came up with. With impunity.

It works both ways. Either you have protections or no one has. Don't try to hide behind contract law. One leaked copy and one breach of contract later, everyone who wasn't a party to the contract can do whatever they want.

Comment Re: Define 'Terrorists' (Score 1) 230

They leader ship of al queda was just as well known and identified by other nation states.

Being identified and recognized are two different things in this context. Osama may well have been identified by practically anyone and their dog as the leader within Al Qaida. But being identified as a leader of something doesn't mean that the thing that is been led is also recognized.

When it comes to politics and nation states, being recognized by the international community means to be accepted as a legitimate entity. A recognized state is sovereign and its leader considered the head of state. Osama bin Laden's band of extremists were neither sovereign nor was Osama bin Laden recognized as a head of state.

Comment Re:The end of a dimension of competition (Score 1) 162

Good, now they can focus on getting me more space for less cash.

^^Absolutely this. SSD's have proven themselves to be reliable enough and plenty fast, but they are so anemic in size in relation to price that they are realistically only interesting to use as a system disk.

Comment Re:SSDs (Score 1) 162

That is entirely possible. It could be that consumer workloads aren't heavy enough to make any meaningful use of the faster speed of PCIe SSD's. In that case, there won't be any noticable difference between a SATA SSD and A PCIe one. Look at it like this. If you have a continuous high volume, high throughput load then a faster SSD will make a difference as it can shift more data per second then a slower one. If you only have occasional bursts of activity, like loading an office suite, the difference will not be that noticable. If a faster SDD can load an office suite in 19 seconds instead of 21, a user won't notice this as a significant improvement.

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