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Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results 582

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the first-be-evil dept.
bdcny7927 writes "Just as Bing is gaining popularity, some disturbingly pro-Microsoft and anti-Apple search results are rearing their ugly heads. Case in point: a search on Bing for the phrase, 'Why is Windows so expensive?' returned this as the top link: 'Why are Macs so expensive.' That's right. You're not hallucinating."

Exchange Rates Spell High Prices for Windows 7 In the EU 548

Posted by timothy
from the congratulations-on-choosing-the-executive-version dept.
CWmike writes "European customers will pay up to twice as much for Windows 7 compared with US users, even though the new operating system will ship without a browser in Europe. Some of the money Microsoft stands to make on the European editions of Windows 7 comes from the weak dollar. Last week, for instance, the dollar fell against the euro the most in a month, hitting $1.41 per euro. For example, Windows 7 Professional, the key retail edition for businesses, will sport a price tag of 285 euros, or $400.60, and £189.99, or $313.84, at Saturday's exchange rate. In other words, EU customers will pay twice the $199.99 U.S. price; U.K. buyers will pay 57% more. And depending on your view on bundling IE, Europe's customers will be paying more for less, with Microsoft's decision to yank IE8 from Windows 7 in an effort to head off EU antitrust regulators, who may still force the company to take more drastic measures."

Comment: Re:Gee. With so MANY countries in the world. . . (Score 0) 232

by r45d15 (#28497443) Attached to: The Internet Helps Iran Silence Activists
The purpose of this is not to let people know what's going on but to feed people selective information and thus (among other things) instigate them for certain actions, do I need to remind you who controls (most of) the media and how it's used to feed the "right" news in the interest of those who control them? It's old school.

Comment: Apples and oranges (Score 0) 202

by r45d15 (#28497339) Attached to: The Battle Between Google and Facebook
[Facebook], Microsoft, Google, IBM they all fight with each other just because they're in the same field and at the same time they're also all puppets in the hands of CIA and other agencies. Is it still news nowadays that a big IT/social company poses a thread to another big one and hence they fight each other?

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