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+ - Flash vs HTML5 - should we care?-> 2

Submitted by qwerty2k
qwerty2k (1105569) writes "Flash has become ubiquitous on the web these days, its used for everything (rightly or wrongly) from video streaming, website navigation and online games. There is a new revision of the HTML standard being finalised called HTML5 that implements a lot of features that has previously been the domain of flash (particularly video streaming with the tag), the question is: should we care if we use flash or should we move to the new HTML5 standard?"
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+ - Are games too cheap? why i think so...->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A thought I’ve been having a lot lately, especially with playing the latest Final Fantasy and games such as Football Manager is: Are games too cheap? Here is why i think that games are too cheap and that we as consumers should be prepared in the near future to pay more for them."
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Open Source

+ - BBC forces closure of open source project->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Whether the author was forced to by the BBC, or this is simply because of the BBC's recent moves to make it harder for open source projects to access their content is not known. But a two-year long project to make life easier when using the BBC has come to an end. get_iplayer has closed it's doors. A sad day. Please file your complaints here:"
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Comment: Make it be known to the news community. (Score 1) 291

by qwerty2k (#19221181) Attached to: Microsoft Will Not Sue Over Linux Patents
I propose that we as a community bring our feelings to the attention of the mass media, we can start by writing into the BBC via this submission form: and tell them about what has been happening etc, hopefully they will print it as they have printed various linux stories in the past etc.

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