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Comment: Metered pay-as-you-go (Score 1) 580

by quiberon2 (#26244597) Attached to: Microsoft Invents $1.15/Hour Homework Fee For Kids
I think we've had metered pay-as-you-go telephony experiences for most of the last century. Just ask AT&T how their business has worked over the decades. It's kind-of pointless indicating to the USPTO that there is abundant ancient prior art, but I expect that if Microsoft ever try selling a licence to this patent, it will get invalidated within seconds.

Comment: Try OpenSuSE 11 (Score 1) 2

by quiberon2 (#23981601) Attached to: A crossroads between Linux and Windows.
Try . You can set this up so you can get a 'console' session from a web browser (using VNC and java, if you must know); there are more secure ways of doing it, but that will get you started. Backup tends to be application-specific; figure out how to take backups of your database, and how you will test your ability to restore from them.

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