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Comment Re:No, I'm really not (Score 1, Funny) 315

The thing is, I don't want to count on everyone having the latest version. I want to be able to test my site or app, and to know that if it works in testing and I push out to production, my users will enjoy the same fully working system I signed off. And they will still be able to enjoy the same fully working system tomorrow, and next week, and next month.

Then maybe you shouldn't be relying on clients that are not under your control. You may want to push out thick clients or apps that you control the versioning of so that you can dictate the version numbers of everything.

The thing with browsers is that you write to a loose standard. Everybody interperates that standard a bit differently, but mostly the same. Your goal is to make your site as compatible with the standards as possible so that it can be viewed by as many people as possible, and by a wide array of browsers. Most apps written for the browser stretch this limit to the point where they rely on quirks in the browsers, which break between version updates....

Comment Re:Is a JPEG at 0% compression a RAW image? (Score 1) 206

RAW files are a dump of the camera sensor. They generally require processing to produce something useful (although both Canon and Nikon RAW files now include a JPEG embedded into the file format for preview). The reason why you would want a dump of the camera sensor is so that you can do post-production work like adjusting the white balance, adjust the exposure, etc. JPEGs already have this data "baked" and product much poorer results when trying to do this post-production work.

Comment Re:Which version of unix? (Score 1) 406

UNIX was a property of AT&T (Bell Labs), and sold to Novell in the mid-nineties. Since Novell bought it, there hasn't been an operating that was truly UNIX. The last boxed copy of UNIX was in the early 90's... There have been many OSes that have licensed Unix and many more that were derivatives of it. BSD (which was based off UNIX System V) was one variant, and Linux was based off that.

Comment Re:Something something question in headline equals (Score 1) 568


Professional Engineers are licensed through the state. Professional Engineers are Civils, Mechanicals, Electrical engineers that hold a certification through the state licensing board.

Doctors are also certified by the state. Lawyers are certified by a board of their peers, but still require a license to practice law in the state.

Comment Re:revolutionary technology (Score 1) 172

I actually like how a majority of the polling stations are setup in Michigan.

User gets a paper ballot. They either need to fill in the bubble or complete a line to vote for somebody. When they are finished, they feed the paper ballot through an electronic reader that places them in a locked box.

When the election is closed they count the paper ballots in the open. If the number they count matches the electronic number then the vote is certified and the precinct is reported. If it doesn't, then they have to recount. If there is still a discrepancy then the county clerk gets involved.

During this last election this week, the results took about 30 minutes to post after the polls closed. One of the larger elections in recent history (November 2008) they took about two hours to post.

Comment Re:Physical store advantage? (Score 1) 203

And that's assuming they get it right. The last two times (and these will be the last two times) I tried to do the online order, pick up from the store at Best Buy, I waited > 30 minutes in line to pick up the order, only to be told that they didn't have the item in stock (then why did you email me saying it was ready!), or if they pick it, they pull the open-box model and try and pass it off as new. In both cases they had new, unopened items on the shelf, and both required them to cancel my order and do a regular purchase. Luckily, only one of the two times they charged my card twice.

Comment Re:Outsider (Score 1) 174

The data they are accused of using is the popularity of the various players on their own site. They can reasonably predict that similar "claim" percentages are on the completing site.

The sites don't list that, for example, 75% of the people on the site have Tom Brady on their teams. The insiders would know this, and would adjust their own picks based on that knowledge.

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