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by quetwo (#48158905) Attached to: Microsoft's JavaScript Engine Gets Two-Tiered Compilation

Of course, our HR and ERP systems took the exact opposite approach. They only support IE6.5 through IE8, or Firefox 14 - 19. Of course, they also force us to have Java 1.6 still installed because while their app runs on Java 1.7 and 1.8, they do some version checking and artificially block it.

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by quetwo (#48148641) Attached to: Apple Releases CUPS 2.0

Our office has pretty much replaced laptops with iPads for 90% of the people. They didn't need a portable device for anything other than checking their calendar, email and basic web browsing (since almost all of our apps are now designed for the browser, we don't need custom, PC based apps anymore). It turns out, when you do that, those people start to demand to be able to print their emails, web pages, etc. from those mobile devices.

And this is a growing trend. Look at all the business people carrying around iPads / Tablets in favor of heavier laptops.

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Because then you have to write a front-end GUI for every OS out there -- Linux (all 200 flavors of it, because, you know..), Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Canon DSLRs, etc., etc.

It turns out, writing your GUI on top of HTTP is really nice, and means you just have to expose it, and let the browser on the existing OSs take care of the hard work of drawing the button on the screen.

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You would be surprised at how few speech recognition companies are left in the industry. Nuance was on a buying spree a few years ago and there really are almost no mature companies left. There are a few smaller ones, but their software really isn't any good. Plus, they own almost all the patents, so others are quickly purchased or squashed...

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Um... I've been using Google Wallet with my Samsung (and now my HTC) phones for about 3 years. Last night I paid for my groceries at a small mom-and-pop grocer with NFC. I paid for gas at a Sunoco with NFC. I got breakfast at McDonalds with NFC. I think the only thing I needed to use cash for was parking. And since the Target thing last year, most retailers I visit have been replacing their card readers with NFC and Chip+Pin readers. The only retailer that really bugs me is Staples -- they have had NFC readers for about 4 years in all of their stores but their register software has no idea what to do with it (it scans, but then it pops up a screen on their register asking for the Authorization Code.)

When you use Google Wallet, you load the app, and enter your pin. You swipe, then chose which bank account you want to have the money paid from. It then pops up a copy of the transaction, which in my case I can put into a category. It's amazing how simple it is to use, and I've never had an incompatibility issue, except when the register isn't working (their card reader won't read anything).

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Sure, the biggest of the biggest airports, there are more options. But If you look at the remaining 1,000 smaller airports (wait, Detroit is a smaller airport?), the selection goes WAY down. Hell, even MSP, has only a handful of flights that aren't Delta or United. In my case unless I want the one or two flights a week that Frontier, Southwest have, the next closest airport to get away from the crap that is United/Delta is about a 5 - 6 hour drive. The truth really is that if you live between the coasts, you are pretty much screwed when it comes to selection of airlines...

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They ran that ad because they realized that if they could get rid of one row of seats, they could drop one of their stewardess, and save money that way.

Since that time, the FAA changed the rules on the number of people per crew member, so they lost their incentive to drop the extra row.

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Wish I could upgrade. My company will only book the cheapest fare (X or lower), which usually ends up to be about a $500 fare between Detroit and LAX. Because they won't pay for the upgrade, I have to wait for the day of the flight to do an upgrade, and the last time I tried, they offered an upgrade to business class for an additional $600, or first for $1200. I used to be able to use my miles to upgrade, but Delta changed the rules so that I can only use my miles to book flights. I'm always number 200 on the upgrade list because they take care of the families that got their branded credit cards before me (I only have 200,000 miles -- but somehow the people who never flew before have 250,000 on their account).

The other solution people give is to fly another airline. That's fine if you are in New York or California -- but in the midwest, there are only two to choose from -- United and Delta. Both are in a heavy competition to see who can be worse. Every airport within 250 miles of me only offers one of those two to any destination that is not Florida or Mexico.

But that's ok. I guess I deserve it. Every time I fly my knees swell up and look like and apple after a food fight because the 5' 3" housewife ahead of me deserves to lounge in comfort. I have an appointment to have the cartridge behind my knees to be scoped because they are torn up -- and I don't run marathons or do any activities that would produce that outcome (other than flying a few times a month). Being a healthy 6'4" with long legs is not easy if you need to travel in the USA for your job.

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There was an "agreement" between the companies that said they weren't supposed to hire workers from the other companies. It was more than poaching, it was to keep workers where they were. Sure, some people moved between companies, but a majority of us didn't make it past the filters...

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