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Comment What does Nomorobo do with the call data? (Score 1) 145

I have looked at the Nomorobo website to see how it works, but what is not clear is what happens with all the call history? I understand that the "bad" calls get logged to improve the ability to block calls but the Nomorobo "Privacy Policy" is silent about what happens to all the data logged for the call attempts etc. Seems to me that this solution is another "Free" service to fix a problem that should not exist to begin with, and oh, by the way now there is yet another point of data collection on calls. Maybe no call "content", but the details of how many calls and from whom are now collected. And of course it's "Free" (wink).

Comment Must not yet have made it to my part of the US (Score 1) 40

I do not yet see the functionality in Google Drive. In the "new" layout, there is no option to open an .odt, .ods, .odp file with the Google products Docs, Sheets, Slides. In the "old" layout of Google Drive, I can open the file, but it makes a copy of the file rather than editing the ODF based file. So it looks like I would not be able to edit the same file with the Google tools, then move to a laptop and use LibreOffice on the same file via Google Drive. In place ODF editing not there yet for me...

350,000 Linux (Virtual) Desktops Land In Brazil 109

xufem writes "Millions of Brazilian schoolchildren will soon be 'brought up right' running Linux on over 350,000 seats each using PC sharing hardware and software from Userful and KDE. This is world's largest virtual desktop deployment and probably also the world's largest Linux deployment, and seems to have been selected over OLPC by Brazil. Definitely a moment to celebrate — and just in time for Brazilian Carnival which starts tomorrow!"

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