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Comment Re:data dump link (Score 2) 115

Do you donate to 'Dog Rescue Cyprus', or 'Penelopies Pantyhose' ?
(I note the latter is a wecomic, not actual goods.)
There are some very, very questionable and for some life-damaging things you could support.
In addition, private messages asking for specific content to be created could be obviously damaging.

Comment Re:The memory wall (Score 1) 89

My first computer was a ZX81.
This had a 16K RAM pack, with 250ns RAM.
This could read a random byte of RAM in 470ns.
My current system can access a byte of RAM in around 50ns.

That is a factor of ten improvement, when RAM size has increased a million fold.
Caches ammeliorate this.
But they do not eliminate it.

Comment Re: Go France!! (Score 2) 381

'France needs Google more than Google needs France'.
Google makes around a billion dollars a year from French users.
This is only a percent or so or US profits.

The question is not if france needs google more than google needs france.
It's if google needs a billion dollars more than the slight reduction in profit elsewhere due to users boycotting google.

Comment "software that can do more things better" (Score 1) 515

Citation needed.
Is, in principle this possible - sure.

I would suggest based on past history that you should expect this extra data you have opted to share to leak in ways big and small, from the individual leak, to wholesale compromise of companies databases.
You should expect inadequately tested rolled out drivers to brick certain device configurations until someone skilled can fix it.
You should expect the 'automated' things to be increasingly harder to fix if that automatic service goes wrong.
Increased opaqueness to the general user - random changes in user interface to hide or eliminate features which 'most' users are not using.
And all other sorts of things.

Microsoft et al do not care about the 10% of users that this may make things awkward for - they care about the nebulous users that it may win, or retain by simplifying and making their lives easier.
The few for which life is made hard or impossible - well - maybe for a few months you'll be able to find ways to revert to the old behaviour.

Comment Re:Failure to understand definition of zero-day (Score 1) 253

I strongly object 'do not even conceptually know'.
Zero days are hardly ever fundamentally novel attacks.
Inadequate input sanitisation, buffer overflows, ...
http://www.zerodayinitiative.c... - for example

None of the first several I looked at looked particularly novel, even compared with attacks of a decade or two ago.

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