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Comment This is the top of stage 1 of falcon 9. (Score 2) 29
I don't know if it's clear what launch it's from. Several have gone into the ocean, both from attempts at landing on the barge, and ditching in the ocean.
This is the top of the first stage. There may be an empty helium tank inside this acting as flotation. The helium tanks are really robust, and have separately survived even really fast impacts.

Comment Re:thinkpenguin, librem and eoma68 laptops (Score 1) 92

That's not enough, to a large degree.
It must also be designed so that no peripheral outside of the CPU is trusted, if you're going that far.
Hard drives, network peripherals, ... all today have CPUs of their own, usually with entirely secret firmware, and often access to the bus.

Comment You need to assign a cost to deaths. (Score 1) 207

If you're not doing a design where you cost the various design alternatives, you're doing it wrong, and may even not minimise the thing you're 'caring most' about.

It is always - for example - possible to improve safety of cars through expensive technical means.
More complex construction with better crash absorbtion properties, ...
But, if your vehicle is twice as safe as the rest of the fleet, and yet due to your safety upgrades costs eight times more than one that is only 1.1* as safe, you may actually end up costing lives with your 'safer' design.

Similarly - weight generally means poorer gas mileage, which means more pollution, which means more deaths locally due to pollution.

Comment Re:Notoriously Social????? (Score 1) 412

Quite - it's protocols and very, very simple engineering which kills transmission of many diseases, not medicine.
Not drinking fecal contaminated water is a _huge_ one.
First estimate I found said 2.2 million deaths/year in 1998.
Washing hands after defecating/urinating.
Proper storage of food.
Not using in-home unvented fires to cook.
Not personally burying or touching the dead.
The willingness/ability to go to hospital if ill.
Social distances - if it is socially unacceptable to be bumping up against people.

All of these turn (for example) Ebola from in parts of Africa things that spread extremely rapidly to something that has limited spread, and is much more controllable even without modern medicine.

Add proper nutrition, shoes, and you're a large part of the way to a 'modern' lifestyle.

Comment Re:The annoying thing about common law countries.. (Score 2) 213

Especially fun is that you usually don't get to disagree with the judges findings.
That is he can make a claim - and as long as it is arguably reasonably supported by the facts, and not so unreasonable that 'no reasonable person' would make the same decision (very, very far from 'was the decision reasonable), you can't challenge that at any appelate level.

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