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Comment: Re:pardon my french, but "duh" (Score 5, Insightful) 133 133

'without cognitive impairment'.
'cognitive impairment' is a hell of a lot more gradual than you think.

For someone using computers a lot, they're probably going to figure it out.
For someone not using computers a lot, and who have managed to do things by remembering exactly what to click - this is enormously fragile.
Issues from 'I might break it' -> 'I might put it in a mode I don't understand how to get out of'

Someone in this position may not be able to recover from an expanded list collapsing down to a tiny triangle on a mis-click, especially if this is a feature that they will never need.
Or icons changing from ones they know, or menus moving around.

Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 401 401

This is not referring to a decision of the Supreme Court of any EU body.
This is stating that a decision made under national estonian law is not incompatible with the international treaties that Estonia signed.
It has as much bearing on the rest of Europe as if a state in the US decided to legalise certain drugs. This does not mean they are federally legal or legal in other states.

This is a EU decision saying 'Estonia has the right to make this law'. If Estonia was not a member of the EU, then the original defendant would not have been able to appeal (and fail) to the ECHR, the decision of the Estonian courts on an Estonian matter would have been enough.

Comment: Re:Poisoning fish? (Score 5, Informative) 247 247

It gets stuck in some species guts, and some smaller invertebrates guts dramatically reducing their ability to feed.
It is an actual problem.
Another major issue is the beads attract pollutants onto their surfaces. These are then efficiently transferred into whatever ingests them.

There is very little reason to be using plastic microbeads, rather than - for example - wood.

Comment: The links are a lie. (Score 1) 116 116

That is not - quite - true.
However, they nowhere I have found have an actual picture of this thing in flight, or a video.
Then there is the fact that if you actually follow the links, they say something problematic.

The vehicles weight is 4kg.
The hover power is 400W.

This is very low for the weight.
Low power isn't purely a good thing.
Lower power implies a much lower 'exhaust speed' for the fans, and consequentially, much worse handling in wind.
If you rip out the (say) 1.5kg of fuel cell and extra structure to do hydrogen storage, and replace it with batteries, you get - with the same hover power and assumptions - over an hours flight.

Quadcopter flying times are a trade between ability to handle crosswinds and power-weight ratio.

If your quad gets blown away in winds a little faster than walking pace, you have a problem.

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