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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 103

Video tapes are not guaranteed to work, you are lucky if you've never had a problem transferring an important and personal VHS tape. Google "sticky shed". I've had digitizing challenges where the VCR head would be peeling off and spraying oxide all over the insides until the head wrapped up and ate the tape. Even "baking"/dehumidifying the tapes, like has been documented for reel-to-reel tapes, was not much of an improvement.

Comment Looks good, except for awful keyboard (Score 5, Interesting) 77

I've tried to use these keyboards, and just can't get used to them. It seems like laptops have come with flatter and flatter chicklet keyboards, with less travel, that just doesn't allow the fingers to find home. There is no dish to the key caps and no dish to the rows. Looks good, feels like crap.

Now that the screen dictates the size of the laptop, it's also disappointing to see all the wasted bezel space around a smushed keyboard, with shortcut and function keys to get to 9-key cluster that would be above the arrows. Even page up/down over there would be a plus. Direction arrows at least exist here though.

At least the touchpad area is generous, but again, that makes it impossible to rest your palms anywhere without the cursor going nuts.

Took reviewing the video to see that the screen is glossy mirror finish. Another looks shiny, is actually crap, feature.

Please give power users a laptop free of "modern" bling.

Comment Government Software IS open source - if we get it (Score 5, Interesting) 90

A basic tenant of US government-created IP, that you can see throughout Wikipedia for example, is that any work created by the government is free of copyright. All that is really missing is the packaged dissemination of the work clear of any other required IP like licensed or proprietary libraries. It shouldn't take a freedom of information act request.

A United States government work is prepared by an officer or employee of the United States government as part of that person's official duties. It is not subject to copyright in the United States and there are no copyright restrictions on reproduction, derivative works, distribution, performance, or display of the work.

This is a good reason to have federal government software developed in-house instead of outsourced to the likes of Oracle, so that it can continue to benefit American people and other branches of governments instead of it being a recurring tax by corporations on the public sector.

Comment Re:no wonder (Score 1) 187

Mythbusters revealed they got the notice of it being their last season at the beginning of 2015. The news of the 2nd team leaving broke about a year ago. From what was said by Savage in a newer interview, it sounds like Discovery already had Mythbusters in its crosshairs:

"The actual reasons for them going ... while we have certain understandings of what went on, that's a contract discussion between Discovery and those guys. We don't know much about how that actually went."

Comment Probably not real numbers (Score 1) 171

I wonder how many of these "activations" or windows 10 installs are people doing what I've done to over a dozen machines - "upgrade" from Windows 7 just to lock-in the permanent Windows 10 activation for that PC in the Microsoft servers during the free year.

I guarantee Microsoft hasn't captured the "telemetry" of uninstalling (where they have you put in the reason you are going back) for any of these, because then I blow away the Windows 10 with the original disk image, make sure that all of the GWX ads, unapproved "update agent" auto downloading and multiple spyware telemetry updates are removed from Win7, and disable the windows update service. Then I blackhole any machine that tries to connect to the "vortex" telemetry servers through the firewall.

Comment Re:Confused (Score 1) 69

Yes, Microsoft does update the OS directly without carrier interference when you opt to get insider updates or simply root your phone's registry to masquerade as another device on another carrier. The firmware component still goes through considerable lag and has greater delays, but it is possible to get a Nokia phone and flash it with a de-branded ROM when available for your model and be completely carrier bloat free.

Comment Re:That is confusing, who is "Android"? (Score 1) 69

There are many different backdoors in Android phones, I deodexed my rooted phone and killed off many carrier and vendor (and law enforcement) malware and remoting apks (the kind otherwise hidden and permission-locked) that operate over data, sms and phone connections, but it's almost impossible to know what still is in there in the baseband and core modules unless you have your own cell tower and fuzz everything they can send you. I consider my smartphone permanently rooted, easy to hack, and act accordingly.

Comment To stop all communication with Microsoft = work (Score 5, Insightful) 492

I have been going through and cataloging everything that Windows 10 does, and looking to end the communication with Microsoft component-by-component. It'll take removing packages with dism, setting group policies and making secure policies into the "default user", blocking employees being able to lock out admin simply because they want to log in to the store etc., turning off the update services, etc. It's a long road to lock down win10. You still can't keep the OS from doing anything it wants though, basically Microsoft has decided that they get to rootkit and keylog your box while background capturing your location and data files.

The first thing that admins should be doing is looking at how MS has invaded windows 7 with it's GMX and telemetry updates for the older OSs. Besides the tray ad, a whole new package of privacy invading phone-home and send your data was included in the "critical updates". There are about eight different tasks added to windows 7 scheduled tasks that even admin can't remove, they have to be manually pruned from the registry.
It takes a good amount of powershell, registry editing, and dism to script-remove this malware from windows 7, and if you were letting windows update since April, the damage is already done.

Comment Re:settled cannon for about a decade now (Score 1) 83

"AMD does a great job of getting open source?" AMD is the one flipping the bird, they burned users of Radeon HD 4xxx and below in Linux. This hardware was shipping integrated in new desktops/laptops in 2011+, and they abandoned their driver by 2013, leaving something that will only run in old X, so basically useless in anything Ubuntu 12.04.1 or newer.

It just takes one big FU like this for me to make sure everybody knows what AMD really thinks about Linux.

Comment Re:Uhmmmm (Score 2) 620

winnt4 in production is nothing, it is often required on equipment such as HP chromatographs and other lab equipment that is otherwise top-tier (before the company was destroyed by (presidential hopeful) Carly Fiorina.

If you are looking for old production equipment, I think you'd be impressed by the DEC PDP-11s still running in nuclear power plants that have a commitment to run through 2050. http://www.vintage-computer.co...

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