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Comment: Re:Worried (Score 3, Insightful) 845

by quanticle (#38332232) Attached to: Are You Better At Math Than a 4th (or 10th) Grader?

Did you ever stop to ask yourself why 21st century American working conditions are better than those from the 19th? A lot of it comes down to health and safety regulation, including child-labor laws. The existence of sweatshops and ill-run factories all over the third world shows that companies are willing (and always will be willing) to sacrifice the lives of their workers as long as it is profitable for them to do so. Repealing that legislation would be a sure way to go right back to the sort of working conditions we had in American in the 1800s and the sort of working conditions we find in China today.

Comment: Re:Why not digital destruction? (Score 2) 209

by quanticle (#38152462) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Data Remanence Solutions?

Well, DBAN is open source. If you have suspicions, you're welcome to review the source compile your own version with a trusted compiler. If that isn't to your liking, there are commercial tools that do the same thing.

As for, "What if a drive is mishandled and doesn't get wiped," well, isn't that a concern with physical destruction too?

+ - Judge takes copyright infringement seriously->

Submitted by CanEHdian
CanEHdian (1098955) writes "Texas court-at-law judge identified as William Adams alledgedly put his belt where his mouth was back in 2004 upon his discovery of the alledged crime of alledged copyright infringement perpetrated by his own daughter and committed in his own home. A graphic and disturbing video is included with TFA, reader discretion is advised.
A source close to the RIAA, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated "If all American Dads had done that to their kids, piracy would have been eliminated... did I just infringe on a Trademark?"."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:You mean Moronix, right? (Score 1) 179

by quanticle (#37658150) Attached to: Kernel Bug Means Linux Power Usage Remains High

OSX is designed for a single hardware specification, Linux runs on countless of hardware, and we have to reverse engineer some drivers and try to make most hardware work. Your comments are clearly disrespectful, and you should go bitch the hardware manufacturers instead.

In that vein, a registry of some kind that told you what hardware was compatible with your Linux distro would be a godsend. I mean, I've seen various half-hearted attempts to start something like this, but they've always petered out. Then when you find them on Google, you get your hopes up, only to have them dashed by lists upon lists of laptops, video cards, sound cards, etc. that were EOL'd years ago.

Comment: Re:Shouldn't that be platform neutral? (Score 1) 432

by quanticle (#36401688) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux Support In Universities?

At the university I went to they run a scan to see if you're running the 'approved' anti-virus software, and won't let you onto the network if you're not running it. That said, the IT folks I spoke with were fairly clued-in and put in exceptions for your MAC address if you were running Linux, OSX or some other OS.

Comment: Re:Finally some sanity (Score 1) 433

by quanticle (#36292404) Attached to: What's Your College Major Worth?

As another commenter pointed out, some degree programs (Computer Engineering, being a prime example) really only work if they're stretched out over a 5-year period. I just wish universities would be honest with their students and say, "Yeah, this degree can be finished in 4 years, but realistically, it'll take 5." I think that would go a long way towards helping those of us who take a little longer to understand a given concept.

In any case, I ended up getting my degree in 5 years. I tried to do the grind for three years (like you), then I burned out, spent two semesters off working, and then returned to school to finish my degree.

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