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+ - SPAM: Japanese schools and McDonald's using DS to train

Submitted by almehdaaol
almehdaaol (1669586) writes "We all knew that the Nintendo DS was already being used for many things other than gaming, however Japan seems to be taking it to the next level. Now using the Nintendo handheld for things like educational programs in schools and training sessions for new McDonald's employees."
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Engadget: Impossible Project's Polaroid film goes on sale this week->

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The famed Polaroid name many now be in the hands of various licensees and, er, Lady Gaga, but the folks at the Impossible Project are at least keeping the Polaroid dream alive, and they've now announced that their new Polaroid film will go on sale in the UK this week. Only black-and-white film will be available initially, including the PX100 film for the SX-70 camera, and PX600 for the One series of instant cameras (including Polaroid's own new OneStep camera), both of which will run £16 (or $24) for an eight-pack -- yeah, the impossible doesn't come cheap. Look for color film to be available sometime this summer.

Impossible Project's Polaroid film goes on sale this week originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 22 Mar 2010 14:34:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Comment: Re:He could have fixed it with a wave of the hand (Score 1) 615

by qsliver (#31530300) Attached to: Jobcentre Apologizes For Anti-Jedi Discrimination
It seems I have misinterpreted the angle from which you were assaulting the GP's comments. The logic error to which I was alluding is the tendency for the "faithful" to justify their texts by referring back to those texts forming a circular argument. After reading your further explanation I see that your previous statements do not fall into that category and therefor I am glad to withdraw my chalange.

I do however hope you have no objections to the pour attempt at wit in my third paragraph, and I am thinking the disclaimer in my sig may need to be enlarged for emphasis.

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