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Comment Listen to your technical guys (Score 4, Interesting) 47

I can imagine the discussion:
- (technical guy) - we can't rely on MAC for security! MAC can be obtained by eavesdropping and then attacker can figure out how to break in
- (marketing guy) - yes, yes, but the simplicity for user is most important thing
- (management) - nobody will be able to figure out this MAC thingy anyway, make it so.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 4, Funny) 712

1) Keep your head down
2) Avert your eyes - initiating eye contact is sign of defiance and will be punished
3) If police officer deigns to address you, immediately drop on the ground face down. Delay over 50ms will be punished
4) If you think law matters and you deluded enough to assume that you have some civil rights, you are an idiot. The only source of law is a guy with a gun
5) Remember that police officer can kill you if he feels like it, and it is very unlikely he will be even indicted
6) Everything can be 'resisting arrest' - including trying to breathe when police is choking you to death or bruising officer's knuckles with your face
7) Tasering is like saying 'hello'

Here is a rough sketch of the lesson.

Comment Re:Yay!!! (Score 1) 410

When I go to any bug, it renders the page then freezes the current tab for 30-40s. Agile board is completely impossible to use (do anything at all, browser again freezes for half a minute). The same problem with Chrome, Safari and IE. I generally use Chrome for everything, but still have to have firefox open just for damn jira.

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