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+ - Philae landed three times and is still not anchored to Rosetta. 3

Submitted by Thanshin
Thanshin (1188877) writes "A failure with the small thruster that should have counteracted the recoil of the harpoons, was followed by a failure with the harpoons themselves. Finally Philae performed 3 landings,15:33, 17:26 & 17:33 UTC.

We're receiving the first pictures of Rosetta from the surface but Philae seems to not be anchored at this moment."

Comment: Re:meanwhile in the real world (Score 1) 693

by qbast (#48368741) Attached to: US School Installs 'Shooter Detection' System

fuck this high tech solution bullshit, just fucking arm the teachers with a "If you're not meant to be here you WILL GET SHOT" policy.

Have we suddenly switched to discussing prisons or we are still talking about schools - you know, place full of kids who will happily do whatever you are forbidding them to do.

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