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Comment Re:Wrong. I mean, really wrong. (Score 1) 412

It is not a problem of Spaniard moving to Germany. It is a problem of Romania going bankrupt in 2 years when having to pay CBI at the same level as Germany. Or paying it at vastly lower level which means that half of Romania moves to Germany since they will get more for sitting on their asses and average salary in Romania. Third way is for western countries to increase subsidies for east by huge amount and I don't think it is going to fly, especially not with upcoming referendum about UK exiting EU. The basic problem is that EU is very unequal economically and this is not going to change anytime soon.

Comment Re:Yeah, sure (Score 1) 412

So: immigrants move in, take the low-level jobs left by natives (who decide they are better off on UBS than being paid peanuts for flipping burgers), work 2 years (not a hardship since they are still paid several times more than at home) and finally move to UBS. That's not a solution, but a small delay.

Comment Re: Yeah, sure (Score 1) 412

The limited housing supply affects everybody equally - there is no priority list where all citizens from given country are assigned housing first and only then immigrants. So mass influx of immigrants would actually make life miserable for everybody. Take UK for example: housing situation is quite bad and still net immigration is huge.

Comment Re: Yeah, sure (Score 2) 412

I know that. But they are huge differences in average cost of living and salaries between western and eastern countries. How would you set the right level for UBS?
- make it high enough to live in 'expensive' countries - whole eastern part of EU goes bankrupt within 2 years
- make it low enough to avoid breaking the east - it is total joke for residents of western countries
- allow each country to set it independently - mass migration from east to west

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