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Comment Re:Scarcity (Score 1) 503 503

Well, almost. People may not want infinite things, but they want more things that other people have.

Or even better, things that other people don't have. As outward sign of their higher status. It is not about needing something, it is about showing up your neighbours. Post-scarcity is impossible, because artificial scarcity will be immediately invented. Another commenter mentioned that artificial diamonds don't differ from mined ones anymore, but everybody still wants the natural ones. That's good example of artificial scarcity used to create status symbols. So let's say we can 3D print cars, houses, whatever. This will simply make 'real' (not-printed) items more valuable.

Comment Re:It would do them good. (Score 3, Insightful) 223 223

Hackers seem to come it two shapes: grossly overweight, constantly snacking one and skinny kid looking like bag of bones. The second type could be brought up to speed in relatively short time (2-3 months of quite light exercise) - they might even like it. But the first kind ... just forget it.

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