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Comment: Root cause is elsewhere (Score 2) 264

by pysiak (#42545667) Attached to: Nokia Admits Decrypting User Data Claiming It Isn't Looking
Dear god. Is this what corporations do instead of serious engineering work to debloat the network stacks, drivers and hardware or start implementing things like TCP Fast Open? :-| Another example where fixing bufferbloat needs a strong front because people will start doing the wrong things when trying to fix something. Just as BitTorrent-induced latency was made the culprit of slow networks and caused people to think it's good to go away from Net Neutrality and charge premium for a premium experience. Nonsense!

+ - 8-Channel Floppy Disk Ensemble controlled by Raspberry Pi->

Submitted by
pysiak writes "We've all heard many floppy disk concertos before, but this one's controlled by Raspberry Pi. The author, Daniel Kukiela, is using a tracker-style player software to arrange 8 tracks, including base, drums, chords and melody with legatos.

One other factor to take into account is that it's a cover of a 24 million views Polish YouTube hit."

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+ - Ask Slashdot: How to organize magazine sharing in the workpalce

Submitted by
pysiak writes "Sharing is caring, right? See, whenever I buy a costlier/rarer/more interesting magazine/periodical than usual I have the urge to share it with others. I was thinking of organizing magazine sharing in my workplace so that others could bring interesting stuff they've read so that everyone could benefit. So far I have talked to about 5 people and could not get it to spark. Maybe this is a dumb idea? Hopefully not! Does anybody have experiences in this field to share?"

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