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Comment: uhmmm... (Score 1) 427

by pwolf (#36643206) Attached to: Calling BS On Unpaid Internships
I worked at Intel as an unpaid intern for about 8 months. I didn't get hired afterwards, I didn't really make any great contacts (met some great people though). However, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I might go as far to say it changed my life. It all really depends on what you plan on getting out of it. You should also learn what your responsibilities and duties are going to be before you even start (like any real job). It's your own fault at that point.

Comment: Re:Seriously you people... (Score 1) 892

by pwolf (#36488496) Attached to: Military Drone Attacks Are Not 'Hostile'
Of course that's total BS, but the article doesn't even say what the white house actually believes is "hostile"... The article quotes the white house saying they are operating in a support role: refueling and information. The only mention of doping bombs and drones was made by a republican. That doesn't mean we didn't drop bombs when the conflict started, but where's the factual information that says we are doing that now? The majority of the comments here are people being outraged by something that's not relevant to the articles or even true for all we know (at least i haven't seen any factual information supporting it).

Comment: Re:Sliding Average (Score 1) 321

by pwolf (#28350607) Attached to: Ideal, and Actual, IT Performance Metrics?
That's what we are doing at my job (and the job I had before). Management wants to see more tickets in the reports so we look like we are busier then we really are... which we are already really busy. We make a ticket for everything we do. The smallest of issues get recorded. We were hoping this increase in ticket count would equal a new position but that didn't happen... we just get more work :|

Comment: hmm (Score 5, Interesting) 560

by pwolf (#28330431) Attached to: Does Bing Have Google Running Scared?
I've only used Bing twice. Once when i heard about it on slashdot and then again after I saw a commercial... thought i'd give it another try. Other then a decent marketing campaign, Bing just doesn't have any new and exciting features that I like and that Google doesn't already have. Google does what I need so I'll continue using it.

Comment: First major what? (Score 1) 74

by pwolf (#27628129) Attached to: Ubisoft To Shut Down <em>Shadowbane</em>
"the first major, fantasy role-playing MMO with true PVP (full asset destruction possible)." I'm not sure what "full asset destruction possible" means (I tried reading up on SB's pvp and i could see anything...) but UO was definitely one of the first fantasy MMO's to have true PVP system with lootable corpses and such. But even UO wasn't the first to do this. Legends of Kesmai had a full PVP/looting system in it as well and I'm pretty sure it came out before UO finished it's beta phase.

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