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Comment: Re:DHI (Score 1) 11

by mcgrew (#49728813) Attached to: Dice Holdings Inc is now "DHI"

Ever since they changed it so I have a goddamned horizontal scroll (are they on crack?) I've only come by occasionally to look at journals.

Look, Dumbass Holdings Idiots, there's no reason whatever short of GROSS incompetence to introduce a horizontal scroll on a widescreen format notebook!! I'm all for hiring the handicapped, but you don't hire Ray Charles to be a bus driver and you don't hire the educationally handicapped to code...

Although I suspect it may be retarded PHBs than retarded coders. Someone is obviously VERY stupid. The idiotic mistakes I see should NOT happen at a so-called "nerd" site.

Comment: Re:Not a great idea ... (Score 1) 4

by mcgrew (#49711045) Attached to: A suggestion to mobile browser makers and the W3C

If you do that you have to double the used web space, and that can be expensive. I'm already almost at the upper limit for my site and will have to go to the next tier of hosting soon. As it is, only three of the well over a hundred pages on my site need a special mobile version, and I would imagine a lot of other folks are the same way.

Having it first look for m.sitename, falling back to mobile.html if it exists and m.sitename doesn't, then index.html if there are neither m.sitename or mobile.html might be a good idea, though.

User Journal

Journal: A suggestion to mobile browser makers and the W3C 4

Journal by mcgrew

There are an awful lot of pages on my web site, and I've been busy making them all "mobile-friendly". Most of them are little or no problem making them look good on all platforms, but there are three that are especially problematic.

I jumped this hurdle (well, sort of stumbled past it) by making two of each of the pages with a link to the mobile page from the index.

Comment: Re:Magnetized, eh? (Score 1) 6

by mcgrew (#49691113) Attached to: Magnetic Cell Phone Docks

It should work. I don't see how it would mess up the charging circuit unless that circuit was poorly designed. It's the same as a TV degausser.

My day was a lineman working around AC at 90,000 volts. If he wore an analog (wind up) watch to work the watch would get magnetized by those high strength magnetic fields and stop working. He probably could have fixed the watches the same way.

Comment: Re:Can he win? (Score 2) 395

by pwizard2 (#49603827) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic
I suppose everyone else is a "liberal" to extreme right-wingers. Clinton was a moderate by USA standards, but he was a right-winger by world standards. If the USA political spectrum were a football field (with the moderates at the 50-yard line), the repubs would be situated down past their side's goalposts, through the bleachers, and somewhere out in the parking lot. It's fucking scary.

Comment: Re:Can he win? (Score 3, Insightful) 395

by pwizard2 (#49603769) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic
Don't blame Clinton for the shutdown. I'm not sure what was in that budget, but it must have been terrible since as a moderate, Clinton was willing to negotiate most of the time. You seem to overlook the fact that the repubs were the ones issuing threats. How little has changed. They're still a bunch of spoiled children, as evidenced by their last shutdown a year or two ago.

Stupidity, like virtue, is its own reward.