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Comment Re:forget about it.. ! (Score 1) 612

I'm glad we have colleges to guard this secret knowledge. Otherwise somebody might write books about data structures, and then POOR PEOPLE might read them.

Why do you assume that because you need to utilize a giant institution and multitudes of teachers, everyone else does too? Find me something you learned in college that isn't in a publicly available book. Hell, find me something you learned in college that isn't on goddamn Wikipedia.

Comment Re:Programming is a craft (Score 1) 612

"I want the BS/BA because it shows me you can complete something and can deal with crap you don't like because I'm paying you to do it."

Funny... I dropped out of college because I was paying THEM to allow me to complete their bullshit busywork. What kind of college grads are you hiring that were paid to go to college? And what kind of shop are you running where you assign unnecessary crap?

Comment Re:I spot a slight flaw (Score 1) 612

Strange. You'd think that if this knowledge was so important then it wouldn't be locked away exclusively in college libraries.

I mean, just imagine a world where you could transmit information easily and freely. I envision a future where I'd be able to use some sort of computing machine to retrieve copies of the same books used in formal education. Poor old me probably wouldn't be able to understand it, though... not without a strict schedule and several instructors, anyways. I mean, who would be able to do such a thing?

I guess it's for the best that nobody will ever be able to attain knowledge outside of college. It's just such a shame that I'll never be able to access any kind of information on Computer Science theory, ever.

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