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Comment: Re:Why is it? (Score 3, Insightful) 69

by pvcf (#29446311) Attached to: Google Releases the SDK For Version 1.6 of Android
Why is it? Possibly... WiFi.

Many higher end smartphones already support WiFi. Bluetooth is still great for connecting user interface devices like headsets/mics etc. But for the other things you mention, WiFi is better.

One of the posts above quotes from the Android development team saying they understand there is demand for Bluetooth. Perhaps it is simply they feel there are more pressing priorities right now.

Could also be that their product manager feels that support for Bluetooth peripherals is all that is needed and the rest will be handled by WiFi.

Comment: Re:W-T-F (Score 2, Interesting) 685

by pvcf (#27349833) Attached to: California May Reduce Carbon Emissions By Banning Black Cars
Exactly... Although I'm not discounting the effect of the exterior colour of the car, I believe the interior colour (through the aforementioned windows) has a much greater effect on how much cooling must be applied to the car's interior to make the passengers comfortable. The AC is not trying to cool the exterior surface of the car after all. Granted the engine compartment in which the AC unit resides might be a few degrees hotter in a black car. But this is probably negligible (as a percentage) once the engine is running and heating up that self same compartment.

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