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Comment: Ever heard of social media? (Score 0) 227

by puterg33k (#36479508) Attached to: Are 'Nudging Technologies' Ethical?
The impact of social media on our everyday lives is incredible, you'd say to yourself after reading what I wrote. Nah, not me. There's no way, but go without it for a year. See what changes... Or better yet, what changes you notice about yourself. It's actually quite revealing, take it from an ex-meathead womaniser that would once kill for his favourite football team. I really noticed it on my deployment, how out of tune I had become. It's as if every conversation with a human being in the conceptual 'normal world' somehow ends up being a ego battle of neo-pop culture trivia. If you aren't in the know, you're not cool. Knowing key references to certain movies, songs, and popular advertisements are a kin to being accepted into a peer group. Without these commonalities, you're a foreigner. Hey don't take my word for it, give it a shot. As a matter of fact, I challenge you. To turn off that TV, unplug for a bit. It did me wonders, I went from lifting weights and calling people fags all the time to learning about DRM, installing linux, reading slashdot. I ended up taking several political science classes and becoming interested in government. Though, I partially attribute the military to my interest in poly-sci. Any who, it's everywhere. Advertisements, speech, social reassurance, and now a machine? Why not, weather you like it or not it will be in every convenient store in America. But the real question is; what the hell are you willing to do about it? Ask yourself that, rather than posting on some website where people do nothing more than drone on and complain. Some complain much more eloquently than others might I add... There's a quote by George Bernard Shaw, it goes something like; Americans would rather invade foreign country than walk across the street to vote. I know that's not the quote, but it goes something like that. So if you know it please post it, but, is it not true? We're apart of a system that knows exactly how we'll react before we do, and you'd best be damn assured social media is the tool that will help us act and react accordingly.

Comment: Re:LOL, the West is losing BAD! (Score 0, Offtopic) 537

by puterg33k (#35984666) Attached to: On Monday, AT&T Customers Enter Era of Broadband Caps

LOL, the West is starting to fall so far behind now.

If your idea of quality of life is sitting at your computer playing WoW all day in a cramped apartment, yes.


First you guys lost all of your industry to Asia.

Outsourced - bad, but nowhere near as bad as "lost" may imply. As quickly as tax stops favouring outsourcing and workers abroad start getting treated like human beings, it'll come back onshore.


Most of your university-level STEM students are foreigners.

There are more people living outside the US than inside. Everyone wants to study in the US. So there are more foreigners in US universities.


The United States has had a particularly bad flare-up of religious stupidity over the past few decades.

No, it hasn't. Religious influence on law and culture has been rampant throughout the life of North America. But enclaves of religious stupidity have received an inordinate amount of airtime recently - partly as a neat distraction from important stuff, and partly because it makes the strange new breed of Fanatical Atheist feel better about himself.


The American Dollar is devaluing extremely quickly.

Compared to which other period of fluctuation?


Now you can't even get Internet access that's comparable to what some Asian nations had a decade ago!

Oh no! And twenty years ago hardly anyone could get the Internet at all. We must have been as neanderthals.

LOL China!

Comment: This saddens me (Score 0) 243

by puterg33k (#35103516) Attached to: Senate Panel Backs Patent Overhaul Bill

I vote no, here's why...

It's nearly at the point that only someone well off can actually file for a patient. This will ensure that a corporation will have to sponsor the patient, thus; the individual will only get a partial amount of the funds he potentially would have created. Only, the corporation owns the patient.


How much further are the "power elitist" going to push away the middle class? Is it really a goal for them to rid America of the middle class? What the hell would be their motive? Perhaps to create a surplus labor force (this would take generations)? Meanwhile, exploiting "lesser" nations? At this rate we're the lesser...

When will we (what's left of the middle class) step up and take part in OUR democracy, or what's left of it? When is it that we will unite ourselves and stop arguing semantics (mostly over religion)? The same religion that was ment to unify the people is now being used to destroy it for profit. I feel the future is bleak; I really have no hope in our bi-partisan (separatist) voting methods. We're fooled; they've been burning our churches down whilst robbing our banks on the other side of the town!

conclusion: this is all apart of a much larger problem.


Comment: Re:What's all this about a "Backbone" (Score 0) 152

by puterg33k (#35101562) Attached to: No Internet “kill Switch” For Australia

The only certainty in all governments that I can see is that you present yourself by a code of ethics, however; behind closed doors and amongst your corrupt peers you do quite the opposite.

This is the means of which you move to the top, and without this type of behavior you're slowly but surely weeded out.

The theives and charlatans will always have free rule in a system that they created.

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.