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Comment several options (Score 2) 508

I use a combination of Yawcam and Vitamin D. Neither are particularly great, but they serve my needs. And they're (mostly) free. I get images emailed to me when it detects motion in my apt and I can view live video remotely from my phone or a browser (via ssh or vpn). I use the Star Trek Enterprise (NCC-1701) webcam that I got from thinkgeek.

I've been thinking about adding something to monitor and record audio too. Also, been thinking about switching to use a kinect as the camera.

I'm glad this story was posted because sometimes I think I'm too paranoid for doing all of this. This is somewhat re-assuring.

Comment Re:It was OK (Score 1) 771

Blaming the attacks on Dr. M really doesn't make any sense though. For decades he'd been an extension of the American military...essentially a walking, talking atom bomb. Would the world have been united had America "accidentally" nuked a bunch of cities? It need to be an exterior threat like aliens. Maybe not an actual Squid and maybe not just attacking NYC, sure. But, framing Dr. M really makes no sense.

Comment Re:I suggest (Score 2) 255

The methodology says that they monitored for new torrents via rss and immediately scraped the .torrents and processed the files. And, if you've ever tracked a category on TPB via RSS you'll know that there's a TON of spam that constantly comes in and is usually flagged for deletion and removed fairly promptly. So, really, it's more appropriate to say that a third of all .torrents uploaded to BT portals are fake.

"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." -- Bakunin [ed. note - I would say: The urge to destroy may sometimes be a creative urge.]