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Comment: several options (Score 2) 508

by putch (#39529237) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: A Cheap, DIY Home Security and Surveillance System?

I use a combination of Yawcam and Vitamin D. Neither are particularly great, but they serve my needs. And they're (mostly) free. I get images emailed to me when it detects motion in my apt and I can view live video remotely from my phone or a browser (via ssh or vpn). I use the Star Trek Enterprise (NCC-1701) webcam that I got from thinkgeek.

I've been thinking about adding something to monitor and record audio too. Also, been thinking about switching to use a kinect as the camera.

I'm glad this story was posted because sometimes I think I'm too paranoid for doing all of this. This is somewhat re-assuring.

Comment: Re:It was OK (Score 1) 771

by putch (#35233764) Attached to: How <em>Watchmen</em> Killed 'R'-rated Fantasy Movies

Blaming the attacks on Dr. M really doesn't make any sense though. For decades he'd been an extension of the American military...essentially a walking, talking atom bomb. Would the world have been united had America "accidentally" nuked a bunch of cities? It need to be an exterior threat like aliens. Maybe not an actual Squid and maybe not just attacking NYC, sure. But, framing Dr. M really makes no sense.

Comment: Re:I suggest (Score 2) 255

by putch (#34997114) Attached to: Third of Content On Popular BT Portals Are Fake

The methodology says that they monitored for new torrents via rss and immediately scraped the .torrents and processed the files. And, if you've ever tracked a category on TPB via RSS you'll know that there's a TON of spam that constantly comes in and is usually flagged for deletion and removed fairly promptly. So, really, it's more appropriate to say that a third of all .torrents uploaded to BT portals are fake.

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