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Comment Re:3.5mm? (Score 1) 401

No other connector-type requires a metallic prong to go that deep into the mechanism or for an empty hole to take volume from other components.

Moreover, the case could more easily isolate the rest of the components -- including the screen -- if the case itself intrudes uniformly and only a little into the space behind the screen.

Comment Re:Board a plane? (Score 1) 400

Sikhs wear turbans, not Muslims

In North America, Muslims rarely wear turbans and Sikh men often do, but turbans are climate-appropriate headgear, formalwear, and religious custom in many places where Islam prevails.

In Iran, for instance, a green turban indicates a Sayyed, a religious leader with a bloodline descending from the Prophet.

Comment Re: Lawyers failed at presentation (Score 2) 213

Not a single person in this thread knows what he's talking about. Welcome to the new Slashdot, gents... you'll fit right in.

No one has written enough yet for us to discern. Only basic reactions are posted.

The one post we can state was written by someone insufficiently informed is yours.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 1) 350

We don't need to bring unions in to fleece dues out of everyone, jump in the middle of workplace disputes, destroy advancement based on merit, destroy the incentive to go the extra mile and be a star performer, etc etc. Perhaps if you are a cog turning a screwdriver for a living they are all well and good, but in IT where people work with their minds, it needs to be a creative, innovative, free environment.

Unions didn't kill the motion picture industry.

Comment Re:high HB1 minwage as well maybe even forced OT p (Score 1) 350

These visas are for experts of extraordinary skill, training, and achievement, people who are expensive even when you can find them and recruit them.

The one way that to prove no United States citizens were available for the job: pay twice the prevailing wage. If businesses are willing to do that, then they are bringing in someone they need.

There shoud be a $250,000 salary minimum against a 200%-of-prevailing-wage minimum.

Otherwise, they are separating Americans into spoiled consumers and unemployed workers. It doesn't work, because workers and consumers operate out of the same economic households.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 1) 350

... most in Congress are more loyal to the executives in the IT industry demanding higher quotas...

In case anyone doubts, as I once did, that Congressperson Gerry Connolly is the outsourcing plant in the Democratic party, I offer the following quote from a recent e-mail to constituents:

"Right now, almost anyone avoid background checks buy purchasing a weapon at a gun show."

Comment Re:All of them are doing this... (Score 1) 151

Also. Microsoft did not exactly get "smacked down" by the Unites States Justice Department for claiming that their browser was integral to the operating system, a claim, Ed Felten disproved in ninety seconds in open court. Unable to win, Microsoft crowbarred the Judge off the case and got his ruling voided.

Also, Microsoft did not develop its own "Office Suite." They bought the number two or number three brand in spreadsheets, in word processing, etc., and warned everybody, especially corporate and government purchasing executives, not to expect competing software to employ the operating system fully.

Comment Re:All of them are doing this... (Score 1) 151

The first monopoly belonged to IBM. Microsoft took it over. IBM had just signed a punishing agreement with the Justice Department, so they could not extend the IBM brand into new territories in their old, less aggressive way.

Microsoft was not so restrained. They obtained code they did not create, wrapped it as their own operating system, sold it to IBM, and muscled their way up from there.

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