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Comment: I well and truly can't see why they would not be. (Score 1) 33 33

When the whole phone tapping scandal kicked off royally, was I the only one thinking "Shouldn't they be discussing our best interests anyway? And if they are then what's the fuss about"? As someone said before me, government officials should be more transparent if anything -phone records, taxes they pay, property they own -BRING IT ON.

Comment: Re:AVG (Score 1) 896 896

Like I said I offered a quick way out of the problem (for the asker OR the askers family, dog, neighbours, their dogs...) I'm flattered out of my guts to have someone as qualified, well-trained and informed as you -my dear to enlighten me on this dark myriad of suggestions of making the world a better palce and interpreting the deep meaning of reading a slashdot story.

Comment: Re:AVG (Score 1) 896 896

Was the question about someones friends and family? Why wasn't that on the topic? You obviously (before suggesting or commenting on that topic) need to download commonsense.exe or visit (I'd give you an US site but they don't make those) also have a look at getovermacbeingexpencive.whatever

Comment: Re:AVG (Score 1) 896 896

Look. AVG and Avast have proven their point for quite a long period of time. If the person who posted this question cannot be asked doing the research for themselves and comes here -I'd definately ask them to change the hardware. And not necessarily for an expencive one. It'll spare you the trouble and lots of time (if you don't know it yet you're in for a surprise -Time IS money). Comments on a home security system and car are completely unneccessary.

+ - Oscar Winners Announced!

punapea writes: "Any fans of the supposedly biggest film-awards here? Well surprise-surprise. This years Oscars have already been announced and the results already available on the internet has done us all the favor and shared the list of winners. So everyone who's not such a big fan of the nightgowns and designer suites. Just spare yourselves the ceremony and get to the actual part."

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