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Comment: And to draw the line, you choose (Score 1) 525

to do nothing that would adversely effect you and require yourself to clean up after yourself. Must be just luck that, to you at least, the best course of action is exactly the same thing that lets you continue to piss on everyone else for your own self-serving benefit.

Comment: you forgot one thing. (Score 1) 486

When you burn this fuel, it's carbon goes back into the air to be re-used. If you were to scale things to the point where you would actually have a few trillion tons of fuel lying around unburned those numbers would make sense. I don't think that is a likely scenario, however.

Comment: Re:Reality does not have a rest button son. (Score 1) 86

in other words, the lives of thousands of funny looking furiners are inconsequential when balanced against the greed of you and your corporate friends. The fact that you have the nerve to show your face among decent human being with that attitude is insulting.

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