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Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

wow, even if I was generous and agreed with all of the far fetched attempts at examples over a decade time span, it would be less than a small fraction of one percent of the killings you gun nuts cause in a single year. Unless you are also going to claim that people should invest in lottery tickets for retirement because someone won one once, you should probably just keep your delusions to yourself. Demonstrating your fear and other shortcomings to the world is probably not going to get you the type of attention you so desperately crave.

Comment Re:Shop elsewhere if you need this drug (Score 1) 372

An easier way to make money would be to start some sort of travel agency combined with a doctor that can write the prescription. For significantly less than 67K they set up an apointment with the doctor, book a flight and a nice hotel for awhile. Maybe even throw in a commemorative nick-nak.

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