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Comment: Re:TNSTAAFL (Score 2, Insightful) 272 272

you mean another example of a shameless corporate whore blaming the victims for the greed of the companies don't you? Face it, no matter how special your masters told you they were, they are not entitled to screw over anyone no matter how much their CEO want's a new boat.

Comment: so all airplanes are supposed to be armored (Score 1) 164 164

just so self-important idiots like you don't have to behave in a responsible fashion. I know that you think that you feel that are so special that the lives of others are a small price to pay for your childish self-gratification, but the grownups do not agree with your delusion.

"It takes all sorts of in & out-door schooling to get adapted to my kind of fooling" - R. Frost