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Comment: Re:Hint: There is no Sandbox. (Score 1) 244 244

You mean a VM where each process looks like it has the processor/memory to itself (AKA x86 protected mode)? We already have VM sandboxes. They're called a PROCESS. Taking this concept to an absurd level of regression (full os virtualization) and then coming up with some convoluted way to let all the parts communicate again (necessary if you want it to do anything useful) adds absolutely nothing to the security aspect other than a high degree of obfuscation.

You guys and your delusional layer cake security schemes. Things do not run on the machine like that. You can add all the boxes and layers to your diagrams all you want; but, in reality it's all flat where the only difference between all your security contexts are some integer values in memory.

Comment: Re:When the pirated content is higher quality (Score 1) 304 304

Having to deal with DRM at all is THE pain in the ass of which I speak. You've simply illustrated that there are multiple flavors of PITA. No matter which way you slice it, as soon as you want to do anything outside of the Kindle sandbox, you have a PITA on your hand.

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