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Comment: Free Market Economy! (Score 1) 394

by psnwtech9 (#1636900) Attached to: Congressman Advocates Breaking-Up a Guilty MS
The Government should not break up Microsoft. It would ruin the software market. At this point, anyone can come out on top. The software model is moving towards open source. Companies like Redhat and Sun microsystems are marketing superior products for Free. It's only a matter of time before microsoft will be forced to go open source, or give their software away free. If the government breaks them up, then that will deter Companies Like AOL/Netscape and or Sun or maybe even Redhat getting together and making great things happen (*Definitely* to the consumer's advantage!!). Go away Government, Alexander Keyne's invisible hand has got *all* under control!

The greatest productive force is human selfishness. -- Robert Heinlein