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Comment: Re:"Not one Democrat voted against" (Score 0) 341

by psiogen (#32292524) Attached to: House Votes To Expand National DNA Arrest Database

As long as Democratic politicians can get the shit kicked out of them in elections for being "soft on crime" or "soft on terrorists", there is not going to be any serious civil libertarian constituency in Congress, even if liberal citizens are all for it.

There will always be a few anomalous libertarian-flavored Republicans, but they'll never be a majority, because the force that makes conservative politics electorally viable is not libertarianism (as much as we all might want it to be) it's cultural resentment of liberal values.

Comment: Re:So much for not sacrificing ideals for safety. (Score 0) 906

by psiogen (#26580519) Attached to: Obama Sides With Bush In Spy Case

TFA says nothing about Obama's actual position on warrantless wiretapping. As far as I can tell from reading the (poorly written) article, it's a bit of procedural legal fluff whose signifance is never explained. Obama may or may not be an asshole, but no evidence has been presented here.

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