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Comment 'Doctor'? So why spout mistruth? (Score 1) 573

"The optimum level of carbon dioxide for plant growth, given enough water and nutrients, is about 1,500 parts per million, nearly four times higher than today. Greenhouse growers inject carbon-dioxide to increase yields." - Dr. Patrick Moore.

Completely false. Why would a 'Doctor' misrepresent such basic facts regarding plant biology? Plants have 2 types of CO2 requirements - during the photo-period and during the non photo-period. Such extreme and sustained levels of 1500ppm CO2 during the non photo-period will result in chlorosis, stretching, wilting and eventually fatal compromise of their immuno-suppressant functions. 1500ppm is not the optimum level for plants - it is the level at which it is guaranteed plants will die. To avoid these negative factors, CO2 levels must be reduced to 400-500ppm during non photo-periods, especially in the presence of moisture.

Does Dr Moore have knowledge of a global CO2 photo-period regulator that I am unaware of? What an amateur. It is terrible these people are quoted and listened too at all.

Comment No debris - ever? (Score 1) 208

If your goal was to train hundreds of Jihadis in the art of hijacking modern jet-liners, then there is no real substitute for having the real thing in your possession - even if it is forever grounded in an underground bunker. You cannot just go and buy a 777-200 without leaving a trail. Plus a fair deposit......

I still wonder if the plane was stolen. No 'terrorist announcement' motive needed.

The fact that nothing has been identified is too mysterious. No oxygen masks, foam, rubber, sandals-nothing, 300 tonnes makes a big debris field, which expands exponentially over the weeks and months. All it takes is a single identifiable object found by a fisherman, beachcomber, surfer, coast guard, shipping or dog, in what is now a 12 month period.

Maybe it didn't 'go down' at all.

Comment Re:Awesome Comment (Score 1) 235

They can't predict the weather next week very accurately, but we are supposed to "trust" the experts when they tell us what is going to happen in the next few years or longer?

There is quite some difference between predicting an outcome of a chaotic system (tomorrow's weather) and accurately enumerating data sets already acquired in the past.

Your 'Climate Skepticism' (global warming denial) is very thinly veiled. Top points for smugness, though.

Comment Nothing like a good Assange bashing (Score 5, Informative) 171 I truly regret drawing your attention to paragraph 7 of the article:

"The idea for the statue came from Mr Dormino and Charles Glass, an American author, journalist and broadcaster. British journalist Vaughan Smith, with whom Mr Assange stayed while he was on bail in 2010, is organising the Kickstarter campaign."

Furthermore, Mr Smith added:

“If you look at the statues we do have, they’re mostly of people who've done various things during our past in conflict and killed rather a lot of people. I think it’s refreshing to have a statue that’s perhaps owned by the public a little bit more.” Assange. Shame.

Comment Magical Machine Thinking (Score 0) 564

What is wrong with these people? Are they unaware that such has been proposed time and again by past luminaries? Predicted dates come and pass and we are as yet not in any danger. This points to the fact that we have failed to comprehend the nature of both consciousness and survivalism.

These machines will not magically become ANYTHING that we do not tell them to become - including dangerous to us. The real fear is, by what date are dumb people going to THINK machines need these functions......

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