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Eight PHP IDEs Compared 206

Posted by timothy
from the colonic-extraction dept.
snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Rick Grehen provides an in-depth comparative review of eight PHP IDEs: ActiveState's Komodo IDE, CodeLobster PHP Edition, Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT), MPSoftware's phpDesigner, NetBeans IDE for PHP, NuSphere's PhpED, WaterProof's PHPEdit, and Zend Studio. 'All of these PHP toolkits offer strong support for the other languages and environments (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL database) that a PHP developer encounters. The key differences we discovered were in the tools they provide (HTML inspector, SQL management system) for various tasks, the quality of their documentation, and general ease-of-use,' Grehen writes.'"

Comment: Re:Drupal Sux (Score 1) 130

by psililisp (#30012436) Attached to: Drupal Multimedia

Drupal sucks balls. It's very counterintuitive for something that claims to be simple and modular. Behaviors are inconsistent across themes, half of the available themes are broken, TFS is right about Drupal not supporting jack shit right off the bat. Enabling the modules requires manual downloads and dependency hells. The notion of using the site as you build it is shit, and using an "admin theme" just causes trouble because of the inconsistent behaviors across themes. Even its own advocates recommend just writing your own PHP and CSS.

Can somebody please develop a CMS for people without Asperger's ?!

Can you offer another CMS that doesn't have the same issues, and does everything you're pretty little world wants?

I spent a bit of time playing with Joomla, WP, and Drupal. For some reason, I dug Drupal for many reasons:
  - customization
  - online support
  - "FREE" modules
  - did I say customization without needing to code anything, ala CCK / VIews

And yes, I'll admit it's a learning curve working with Drupal, but so are all the other CMS products out there. If you're going to bash something, at least throw some specifics out; and I'm not talking about grabbing some pre-built theme and having issues - go for WP if you want cookie-cutter stuff.

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