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Comment: Re:Voting "Accident"? I think not. (Score 1) 343

by psiclops (#44795841) Attached to: Australia Elects Libertarian-Leaning Senator (By Accident)

As much as the Murdoch and Reinheart papers would like to pretend, Abbott got in by a narrow margin and if minor parties end up ruling a hostile senate he's already promised a Double Dissolution (wikipedia link) which typically does not bode well for the government that calls it.

Essentially this is just a threat to the minors that hold the balance of power in the senate to vote to repeal the carbon tax. They will now have to will vote in favour of scrapping the tax as they're the most likely to lose their position in the event that we go back to the polls.

Comment: Re:not meaningless (Score 1) 153

well considering your project is free/open you have one of two options.
1. not care - think of it as some sort of cross-licence deal.
2. get upset that someone is using what is your intellectual property, despite the fact that you are also using theirs. stop using theirs and then sue them.

Comment: Re:What a waste (Score 1) 229

by psiclops (#43321991) Attached to: Boston Cops Go Undercover Online To Crack Down on Concerts

I've even seen polls where the same people agree that the rich aren't paying enough and then when asked what percentage, collectively, the top 10% should be paying the usual response is 40% - 50%.

well considering the top 10% of US income earners earn somewhere between 40 and 50% percent of the income and have over 50% of the wealth. i'd say that 40 to 50% is lower than they should be paying - a lot of people who don't understand a progressive tax system would think it's about right,

not sure if you meant 40 - 50% of their income or 40 - 50% of the nations total income tax. the above assumes the latter however i also agree with both.

Comment: Re:What a waste (Score 1) 229

by psiclops (#43321927) Attached to: Boston Cops Go Undercover Online To Crack Down on Concerts

These wild partying kids have no jobs, no responsibilities, no children, and their parents clean up and pay for them.

you don't actually know anyone in any music scene do you?

and go outside to observe what real people are actually like in reality. They are working, and they are tired.

you should do the same. here's a hint. lots of 'real' adults with 'real' jobs drink. a lot. they also take drugs. sometimes a lot. they then go to work the next day and function perfectly fine as this is kind of their natural state. unless you're in some incredibly tiny organisation there are people that you know at your work that do this too.
you live in your bubble. other people live in theirs. no one's is more real than anyone elses.

Comment: Re:Google should be concerned... (Score 1) 112

by psiclops (#43317109) Attached to: New Facebook-Branded Android Coming?

China's Internet Users Cross 500 Million (article from January 2012)

At the end of December, the country had 513 million Internet users...This puts the country's total Internet penetration at 38.3 percent...Analysts, however, have said the statistics provided by the CNNIC are inflated. The CNNIC defines users as people, ages 6 and above, who have connected to the Internet in the past six months.

so it's probably above 10%. but also probably lower than you would have expected.

Seriously. I've been to both countries, and I think you're making shit up.

i'm guessing you've been to some areas of both countries and thus witnessed what life is like for a small percentage of their total populations.
hell even in my own country my experience would tell me there are a lot more internet users than there actually are - that's because i experience a very small subsection of what life is like in my country.

Comment: Re:No, Googles policy change (Score 2) 112

by psiclops (#43317069) Attached to: New Facebook-Branded Android Coming?

No, what got me was Googles change of privacy policy linking all the data together ...
the way I can't like a site using a gmail account unless I agree to sign up to G+

so you're upset that you can't use features of G+ without signing up to G+ and wish you could just use your gmail account. you think it would be better if they just merged the two into say, one single account?

Comment: not meaningless (Score 1) 153

to all those saying this is meaningless, don't trust them, they could revoke this so don't rely on it. why not just request a license for $0 under these exact terms if you wish to use any of these patents in your project? then there will be no question of this being legally binding and u can use the contents of these patents freely.